Wednesday, December 24, 2008


In keeping with the Rotary Exchange Student tradition, we have buttons to commemorate our road to Paris. For a small donation of $5.00 (and something similar in Euros), you can be the proud owner of one of these buttons. They have all four flags (Belgium, France, Italy, US), the Rotary Cog, Polio Plus, and the Eiffel Tower. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO POLIO PLUS!!!

(thank-you Busy Beaver Buttons for making these for us at a nicely reduced rate)


  1. Look at the clock, it's insanely early. I should just go out and run, but I decided not to run today. Instead, I am awake, waiting for my children to wake up and see that Santa has left them presents under the tree. BUT, I wanted to just say that I have started handing out BUTTONS to anyone who has already donated money to our cause, or who purchased jewelry for our cause, or who bought my plane ticket, or who paid for my hotel room, .... THEY ARE A HUGE HIT!!!

    Kari - did you get yours yet?

  2. I didn't get mine yet. Frown. Hope they come today! They're so cool. I wanna get suspenders and cover them with our buttons! Like Mork from Ork!