Thursday, January 8, 2009

Audience Poll: Which Pants are Jiggle Proof?

After a few days (it smarts to write that) of not running I went out last night for my first run since I’ve been home. I got new running pants I was eager to try out (did I mention how much I heart TJ Maxx??), those loose kind. I actually had a pair that I got the last time I went to the US, but they blew off my porch during a wind storm (you may know the BORA if you’ve been to these parts: freezing wind from Siberia or some other cold place that cracks your bones when it blows) because I hadn’t secured them with what we call clothes pins (doh!). Well with these new ones, what I immediately noticed was the freedom they gave parts of me that I didn’t know existed to jiggle (it was more like jiggle, BOOM. Jiggle, BOOM. Jiggle, BOOM). Ouch! So, although every step of my 7.1 run kind of hurt (The vacation eating and drinking did its part to add to the jiggle factor too, plus I never go this long in between runs), I finished three minutes faster than the last three times I’ve done this one. If you’ll remember the first time I did this route with my friend Marzio, I was sucking wind like I had some kind of asthma during a steep and prolonged incline at about the half-way mark. This time, I had so much more energy to tackle that hill, maybe because of those forced days off, that I ran up it like butter. I didn’t check my watch once because in my head I just wanted to take it nice and easy so that I wouldn’t overdo it and not want to run the next day, plus it was freezing rain and I didn’t want to slip. So when I got home and checked my watch, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know that a fast time could correlate with a run that didn’t feel particularly good or fast. Isn’t that weird? I mean, good weird.

As I was logging my workouts and feeling guilty about not getting a long run in this weekend I reminded myself that blogging really does keep you honest. I am behind on my mileage, so that means I have to work extra hard this week, but that’s okay. I promise to do my best, but not to overdo it. I’m so happy with my drive to run. I love it and don’t want it ever to become a chore that I dread. I feel strong and injury free and want to keep it that way. Today there is Bora and it’s much colder than yesterday but I’ll get my butt out there again this afternoon, take it nice and easy and remember to hang the new pants out on the clothesline with extra clothes pins!

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  1. I am with you on that one, Kari! I don't ever want to get to the point when I dread the runs. It's all good times when we are a-bloggin!!!