Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Got Heckled!!!

I was heckled yesterday by four 16-year-olds!!! What the heck is that? I ran my fanny off for five LONG miles, on the treadmill (I might add.) I posted a remarkable time, thank you! I am a sweater - when I tell you that I sweat, I mean it. So, when I come downstairs to find a nice place to cool down and relax a bit before jumping in the shower, you can imagine my frustration when these former students of mine began questioning me about why I was so sweaty. HELLO??? I JUST RAN FARTHER THAN YOU COULD WALK! When they found out that I ran 5 miles, they said "Oh, is that all? I could sprint that! Besides, running on the treadmill doesn't count! It's soooo easy!" I was about ready to throw down! Don't disrespect me! I could take em' - I really think I could!

I love being a teacher, but I hate that I have to live high-school each and every day. These kids exhaust me! Imagine how much better I would run if I didn't have all of my energy drained by them BEFORE my workouts.

So, I'm home today with a sick kid. I think I'll rest all day and think about what needs to be done in preparation for our trip. My husband finally applied for his passport - one less thing to hassle him about (poor guy.) Maybe I'll cruise the internet for music stuff for him to do while in I go -


  1. You should challenge them on the treadmill (since it's so easy). It would be like the chicken races in Grease and Rebel without a Cause! Vroom Vroom!!!

  2. you are so right! I have visions of my sneakers with special trip-wires just like the metal-riping tires in Grease - I'm gonna get right to work on that.

  3. They totally couldn't take you. Beavis and his buddies heckle the "old folks" all the time during soccer games, but we've definitely proven ourselves more wily. AND MORE LIKELY TO SLIDE TACKLE OBNOXIOUS PUNKS.

    Please video tape the run-off so we can watch. :)

  4. I think if they're over 18 or if they have a permission slip, head-butting is allowed.