Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A call for Peanut Butter

For those of you coming to meet us or run with us (Christine comes to mind, Laura, Jewelz), I would like you to bring me peanut butter. I like the tree-hugging kind with two ingredients: peanuts, salt. I know it comes in a glass jar so it weighs more, but look on the bright side: when you take it out you can fill your suitcases with more stuff from Paris!!! I brought a jar back with me at Christmas, but it's not going to last me much longer. I went 5 long years without peanut butter, and now that I have renewed my vows with it, I do not want to risk any more prolonged periods without it.

Please do not think that since I am addressing this to EVERYONE who reads our blog that you, personally, are off the hook. The more peanut butter, the merrier. No Skippy please. Thank you.


  1. Have you tried the Smart Balance Peanut Butter? We prefer chunky, but their smooth is oh so good.

  2. Since you like the simple peanut butter, just peanuts and salt; why don't you make your own? You only need a blender and some peanuts.


    Use approximately 2 Tablespoons of Oil for every Cup of Peanuts. You can also add 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

    Peanuts do have a lot of oil already in them. If you use a peanut with a lot of oil, like Spanish peanuts, you do not have to add as much additional oil.

    A good blend that requires no additional oil is 1 Cup of Spanish peanuts and 1 Cup of Virginia Peanuts.


    To make the peanut butter, all you have to do is put your peanuts and oil in the blender and whip them together.

    If you want your peanut butter chunky, remove about 1/4 Cup of the peanuts before your begin blending the peanuts and oil. When the mixture is almost blended, add the nuts. Puree it a few more times, to break up the nuts and finish the blending.

    Here is your chance to be creative! The above recipe is very plain. If you are going to the effort of doing it yourself, make it special. Use some delicious macadamia nuts for the chunks, or add some honey for the oil.

    You can also add pecans, sunflower seeds, and other nuts, some honey for the oil, or even some chocolate or butterscotch chips.

  3. Thanks Bonster!!! I'm going to try it. First I have to find some bulk peanuts, though. Do you think it works with hazelnuts?? Those are everywhere...
    Btw, Bonster, you should run the marathon with us. I definitely need to know you! xoxo

  4. Karoline, a quick search on the internet showed nut butter recipes for almost every nut imaginable...hazelnuts, pecans, cashews, apparently you can use the basic recipe for any kind of nut you want. There is also a hazelnut chocolate spread called it, but not very healthy.

  5. My husband is a Nutella addict. It's the one food that he is unable to put down until he has spooned out every last bit and reduced it to a pathetic glass jar with spoon scratches on the sides. I try not to buy it. It's zombie food... ;)