Friday, January 9, 2009

I Fought the Bora and the Bora Won

(Kari - your following post makes me think this is what we will be looking like for the next few weeks. BRRRR.... -laura-)
(Laura- or a mix between this and the frozen snot scene in Dumb and Dumber. What do you think?? - Kari-)
I did it, though. I ran with her, in spite of her. She helped me by giving me a swift kick in the butt as I was going up that hill, then, on the way down the hill over by the hospital she was saying "Come on! Fall forward! I'll keep you up! Trust me!" Her bitter chill snuck up my jacket and stung my spine at one point and by the end of my second 7-miler in as many days I had figured out that the rear-end may also be considered an extremity to add an extra layer to when she's around. She went up my nose only when I let her (I had my new hoody with face mask on) and every time she did she made it run (if your nose runs and your feet smell you are built upside down). She made me go slower than usual so that we would have just that much together, surely, and that's fine. She was with me the whole time, and I thank her for the company.

I definitely won't miss her tonight though! She is a total PITA if you want to know the truth.


  1. Family-friendly blogging at its finest...PITA. :)

    You go, girl. I can't believe you ran 7 miles to work. Awesome.

  2. It sounds as if Bora will be paying me a visit over the next few days... although in Western New York, we call it Lake Effect. We are supposed to reach frigidly low temperatures next week - talk of closing schools. At least I'll have Lake Effect to keep me company and the thought of Bora blowing a kiss my can keep that lady to yourself. I'll keep my Lake Effect, thank you.

  3. Yes, but how is your favicon? It looks good from here!

  4. Sounds like you won! Way to work with the forces of nature :-)
    LMAO @ the ice-man picture, Laura. Tomorrow's long run should be interested.

  5. The Bora always wins, unfortnately... :-(
    I did two running sessions this weekend and both of them were "together" with our "lovely" Bora, BUT with my new wind stopper jacket, my pile hat, my gloves, my ski's socks...I was fine! ;-)
    I run with you Karoline, in different location, with a totally different rythm, but, believe me, I run with you!
    Go ahead!!!!!

  6. Still haven't gotten the courage to run to work, but I promise to soon. This was just a normal run with the ice woman...:)