Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cross Training

Beck said that the wii provided quite a work out and I had to check it out. I decided to trade my 7 mile run for a 70 minute bike ride in her living room just to watch and observe the wii in action (are you happy now, Mr. A.Chilles Tendon?), As I sat, reclined in the seat, deciding whether to set the program at interval, weight loss, endurance, or manual, Becky was deciding whether to balance ball, hula hoop, ski jump, box, do yoga, run, or bowl.

This freaking piece of technology is a miracle, I tell you. If it succeeds in getting the youth of the world off their keisters and actually doing something physical, it may be the invention of the decade. I pedaled my way to a brisk 16 miles as I watched Beck DO IT ALL! The hula hoop sucked me in, though. I have to admit that my cross-training days have now taken on a whole new meaning.....check out the photos.

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