Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I know it's early, but we need to get organized

I wonder what we're going to feel like that day. I can hardly imagine it. Let's split the day up into three parts (just to keep it simple).

Part One: The Marathon itself: sweat here, dodge there, pass pass pass and yada yada yada...

Part Two: Lunch.

I have in mind a kind of totally V.I.P. lunch at some fancy place with all of our sweaty running clothes still on. Champagne buckets full of ice, and water bottles wrapped in cloth napkins poured by tuxedo-wearing waiters. I don't know what you have in mind but that's my vision for the post-marathon meal (and we are ladies who lunch, right?). I can already overhear the women at the next table whispering about us in awe: "ohhh là là. Quelles femmes sensationnelles! Simone De Beauvoir serait très fière!!!"

Part Three: THE PARTY.

I imagine us wearing our first and second-place medals throughout the day (I mean it doesn't matter who comes in first, we're both winners, right?) with, I don't know, matching tops and jeans (I think we'll want to wear flats after 26 miles, but you can talk me into anything, I'm game...). We should get there early to form the receiving line along with all of our runner/blogger friends in our virtual running club so that we may be congratulated properly by the plebs. Then comes the bubbly. I can hardly wait!

Anything you would like to add?


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  2. Are there V.I.P. ice baths? Because I will want one of those, too!
    and do you mean champagne fountain? can you put those on top of cakes? If so, let's add that to the list.

  3. kari - will you just do all of my spell checking - yikes, I'm horrible.

  4. Well, while we're planning the fete, why not go for a cake cutting ceremony? The cake MUST have our logo and I've always wanted a cake with a fountain on the top - could we do that, too?

  5. Well I assumed you didn't want to put a mountain on top of the cake... I got you c
    povered, lartner. Don't you worry about a ching...

  6. Why am I starting to get the feeling that the marathon is not what is really important to you two, but the after-marathon festivities instead?!!

  7. That's not true! We are deeply concerned about our uniforms, too. We just haven't blogged about it in depth YET!!!

  8. Ladies, I am so in for post marathon festivities. I'll be there with two other kick ass femmes. Any plans to do the Breakfast Run on 04/05? I believe it's a 5k.
    Anyway since this is my first marathon I have no idea what my state of mind and body will be but if you guys find the V.I.P ice baths, I think that's where the par-tay should be. Lord knows we'll need it.