Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I need a personal assistant!

If I manage to post everything that is running (pun intended) through my head right now, it will be a miracle - that's the God's honest truth. Let me start by saying that if I laughed 10 times today about this blog (and all the side-bar conversations and e-mails) I probably laughed 1,000 times! Between deciding to join skype yesterday (thanks Kari for the wake-up chat!- eye boogers and all); my inadvertent call to Italy (thanks Kari for declining that one - my bad); our e-mails and posts about our post-marathon party plans (note-to-self: order the champagne fountain and arrange for cake-cutting ceremony); the new "followers" joining in on our plans (thanks Minken for helping us prioritize and re-focus. We are training for a marathon - seriously!); the phone calls to Roots to finalize the opening ceremony attire, warm-up attire, event attire, and post-marathon attire (ok - I made that one up. There were no phone calls, just hypothetical e-mails between the two of us); research about proper pre-marathon dietary requirements (thanks Christine for the green leafy vegetable/crockpot recipe); contact from the Rotary District Governor confirming that we are still alive and well and raising money for PolioPlus (thanks, Mike, for assuring us that the district is going to help us meet our goal - phew); Kari's banter about foreigners living in foreign countries and the struggles of fluency in the language (I'm supposed to be reading 1984 in French??? Can't I just stick with Le Petit Prince???); oh gosh... the list goes on and on....

In any case, it is probably worth mentioning that my training has been great this week. I am in a 'gear-up' week, which means I am really looking forward to my 12 mile run on Saturday. (I'm not fibbing about that. I am really anxious to get that milestone behind me and be able to replace 10 with 12 as the longest distance I have ever run) It will be quite close to the half-way point for me, and that makes me very proud. My short runs this week were a breeze to pump out, even though I decided to just run casual and calm - don't push it (save something for Saturday). Kari is a few weeks ahead of me as far as mileage goes, but I know that we are both sticking to our plans and we will each be ready to run this thing on April 5th. I think that we are both to the point where we are so committed to training that it has become a part of our subconscious (allowing us to focus our attention on so many other things - see previous paragraph).

You keep reading and we'll keep running (among many many other things.)

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