Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Back

Phyoo. I'm finally back in those freezing Wisconsin temperatures. Good thing, too. That sun and sea and awesome food get tiring after a few days (oh who am I kidding?! My SOUL IS CRYING!!!)

Quick update. I ran and ate as much as I could. There was a running deck on the ship which I used when I wasn't afraid of being blown overboard and on the last day we did a 1-mile walk for the cure with a bunch of nice and interesting and altruistic people on same. There was a treadmill for the other times, which I'm starting to like, since I never use one of those at home. It gives you lots of information that the snowy streets can't give you plus you can go really really fast on it!

I didn't get any really long runs in. My max was a 1.15.00 which was outside and probably about 7 miles. I feel great, though, so I will just call this a step-back week. I haven't even checked my training schedule, but I am assuming that the week I was gone was an increase week and this one would be a step back, so I am just going to switch them. This week I will do a 13-miler (Ugh. Jet lag. Ugh!) We fly back today. Chicago-Munich, 11-hour layover (Mmm Beer and sausages and I can walk around the airport a bunch of times for cross training), then home to Trieste. It's going to be a long 21 hours. 

GOT THE ROAD TO PARIS BUTTONS! I love them. I want to cover my coat with them! 

Thanks, Laura, for keeping things up while I was gone. Things should go towards normal this week. You kick asphalt!! (thanks Psychobabble...)

Thanks to our donators! You kick asphalt, too! 

Also, thanks for Yoda! I'm going to take him on the plane with me today. The young one who does flips...  


  1. With 90 days to go it's time to start training consistently. Happy winter training!

    Best wishes,


  2. Welcome back, partner. I missed you and tried to fill your shoes, but nothing I write can replace your wit. Glad you are home - at least I assume you are. Glad you like the buttons, I think they are great. Lots of folks have already donated just to get their hands on them....perhaps the same logo on our running tanks????