Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New for 2009!

So here’s my New Year’s Resolution: run to work. And since all good New Year’s Resolutions require hardcore shopping, here’s what I acquired in order to meet this ambitious and noteworthy goal.

Underarmour face mask/head sleeve/gator in festive white--I guess this is to help make you look like someone actually fighting the cold instead of preparing to commit crime, but Sweetie has already started calling me Schummy because it makes me look like a Formula One Driver when I have it on. I wore it to help me unpack and think it is the perfect accessory for running to work. Good job!

Camelback backpack with 3-liter water bladder. Tried it last night. IT LEAKS! Phooey! Called Dick’s Sporting Goods last night to complain, stated that I live in Italy, this thing leaks, what can we do about, it. Answer “no problem. Just bring it back with the receipt...” So I guess I’ll have to patch it up with gum in the meantime or just throw a water bottle back there and unscrew the top like in the old days... but really, who drinks 3-liters while running to work? A. It’s not that far, and 2. Three liters is a lot of water, more than I typically sweat out, so NO BIG DEAL. The backpack is perfect for what I will need to get ready for the BEST WORK DAY after the Brisk UPHILL run from my house to work. Here’s what I will put in there: Microfiber towel for dabbing the sweat off my brow upon arrival, cell phone (to call for help if I break my butt in the woods, another reason I can live without the 3-liters of wa-wa. P.s. Did you know that 911 in Italy is 118?), pants, shirt, sweater. I will leave the hairdryer at work for when I dunk my head in the sink in the ladies room, and in case the clothes are still wet when it’s time to run back home at the end of the day.

Isn’t this a great plan? Let’s start next week. I briefly wanted to start today but thought better of it even before I went to bed. I love the idea of being one of those people who runs to work! Saturday I will test out the route with Sweetie (and take notes because there are a bunch of shortcuts that will keep me off the streets).

I tried the idea out, by the way, on my neighbors, who shot each other nervous looks that said “This girl is PAZZA!” Which reminds me that it’s better to be a woman of action than words, so forget I said anything until next week. OK? And if I don’t actually run to work, at least know that in my heart I am very, very green!


  1. The underarmour 'ninja' mask is the best and I believe a must have for winter training. Good pick!

    You're right about the 3L hydrapack. May be a bit too much indeed. Have you ever tried a fuel belt? Nice comfy fit, no bounce and good for both short and long distances.;jsessionid=0a010c491f4365735cf6450a4e4c92f88dc28f2a93ee.e3eSc3aPaxmLe34Pa38Ta38Mchj0

  2. Great minds think alike, rUntoNamAste!!! I sent my hubby out to get me one of these fuel belts. I have not yet needed to strap it on and use it, but I am anxious to try it out. Maybe I'll use it on my treadmill - tee hee. I'll use it on my next long run and sumbit a review.

  3. rUntoNamAste, you were my inspiration for the ninja mask (are there white-masked ninjas? Because I want to be one...). Saw it on your blog so I knew it existed. Thanks for setting the trend! I also stole your day counter (countdown to the marathon). Hope you don't mind!