Friday, January 23, 2009

What are you up to this weekend?

Here's what I'm doing: Tonight I'm making Christine's veggie dish again (Don't think I'm not creative, though, I use different veggies every time...) then watching Desperate Housewives (last season dubbed into Italian, of course, although they show two episodes at at time, which means it's intense) and hitting the sack. Tomorrow morning Sweetie and I are meeting a group that he runs with on Saturday mornings (when I am usually giving an English lesson, but Walter is skiing for two weeks so I'm free) in Basovizza, which is one of the villages that make up Trieste (Great place. Lots of trails to run on and it's just on the border with Slovenia, so runs are usually international, which makes you feel like you ran even further!), then out for groceries and bread in Slovenia (cheaper than Italy and you can find things like sour cream ("kisla smetana"if you ever come to these parts), then home and who knows. On Sunday I will do my long run, which should be 17 miles, but I may up it to 18 miles by doing my 9 mile route twice. Again, more distance, but psychologically easier for some reason. Then an ICE BATH . We were hoping to get a nice walk in the mountains in there somewhere, but that may have to be for next week.

Have a great weekend!

p.s. I've started reading in French again (at bedtime) to prepare for Paris. I'm reading Un Amour de Swann not because I'm a big Proust fan (although I am becoming one, I must say. I have to read pages more than once sometimes, but he's funny!) but because 1) I have the book (rummage sale find, I think) 2) I hadn't read it before (I did read the one that everyone has read with the Madeleine, Du Côté de chez Swann) and 3) it's in French. Let's hope by the time April rolls around I will be able to speak again...


  1. I have confidence that you will be able to speak french when we get there - I can't wait. Your french was always so much better than mine. Perhaps, when we are done with our marathon, we can convert the blog to a french-book reading club. (gosh, doesn't sound as much fun, but could be much easier - OR NOT???)

  2. Gross...that idea sounds absolutely gross!!! I think this follower will fall off the band wagon if you do that!

    You two ladies can be my translator in Gay Paris!