Friday, February 20, 2009

Here is What's on the Waffle Iron for the Weekend

Tonight I have a birthday party to go to: Tanti Auguri, Francesca! Then tomorrow I'm going to get a 5 or 6-mile run in, then go to Palmanova to trade in my Camelbak reservoir that had a hole in it when I bought it (talk about heart break!!) so that I can use it on Sunday for my 12-mile run, which I will do alone this week, and without the camera (I may change my mind depending on the weather). I am also going GU shopping!! Isn't that exciting? Saturday night I am going to rome the streets of Muggia with Sweetie for Carnevale. We are dressing up as pigs (pictures to look forward to. Can't wait! :O) (laura, here, - Kari, DRESSED UP AS PIGS? I hope you are not planning on getting raffled off by the Rotarians!)

Next week I will be putting more miles in. I feel good and my long runs from now until the marathon will be alternating between 12 and 20 miles (there may be a short taper run that last week. I will have to check). Hopefully I will be stronger with each 20-miler.

What's your waffle topper this weekend?

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