Friday, February 20, 2009

My BFF Belgian Girls from 5d

Did I tell you that I went to an all-girls school in Liège when we were exchange students? Wow!

These are my girls. I'm in the front holding up a St. Jacques (that's the name of the school and it's about to celebrate it's 100th birthday) t-shirt that they all signed (wasn't that sweet?). There was a little party then. Someone had just wheeled in a cart of soda and juice, and BEER! Hello, culture shock. Anyway, thanks, Jessie, for posting this photo to Facebook, and hello again, my long lost friends from 5ième D! This was the year, by the way, that I fell in love with poetry, thanks to my classmates (at school studying was cool) and Jacques Radoux, our awesome French teacher...
p.s. The girl in the back with the multi-colored cardigan sweater? That's Valérie. She lives in Paris now and I'm staying at her house the weekend of the marathon. THANK YOU!

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