Friday, February 6, 2009

Here's what's Perk-o-latin' for the Weekend

Since I got my run in this morning (GOOD GIRL! Long Cemetary route, if you must know, with dog), I am free to carb it up with a little pizza party at our friend Maury's tonight. Then tomorrow around 11, I will be heading out of the house to either a. Run 76 laps around the track, b. Run the scenic route from Trieste to Monfalcone (Bonster, that's the city where they make giant cruise ships!) or c. Run 3.5 miles uphill to the Karst to run over the border into Slovenia and through border villages back in Italy or d. (Sweety's suggestion) run to Muggia and over the border into Slovenia (different border) and back home.

But who gets the cookies? You ask. Truth be known, everyone kind of wins (except Minken: 76 times around the track, I axed that one in about 6 seconds. Sorry, Charlie!). Tomorrow I'm leaning towards the Karst-Slovenia run, then perhaps the Trieste-Monfalcone one for one of the 20-milers as well as Trieste-Muggia-Slovenia route. So, Bonster and Marko, I owe you some cookies! Thanks for your help! I did do this run. Thanks, Marko. He will get those cookies after Paris and after his wedding the day before the Marathon, which he would like to stay slim for.

Then on Sunday we're going to Tarvisio I mean Sappada, see pictures to play in the snow with Luna and some other dogs and their keepers. That should be fun. I'm going to wear my new snowpants.

Partners, Good luck on your long runs! And get well soon vibes for Psychobabble who has a knee issue...

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the vibes love. I'm back in the game and did 2 pain free miles this morning. WOO-HOO!