Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Love A Good Ice Bath? - I think!

This weekend has been lurking like the grim reaper for many reasons. For starters, HOT HAL dictates that I must run 15 miles this weekend. What ever Hal says, Laura must do. So, as the children were preparing for their swimming lessons (with dad in tow) I was preparing for my farthest distance to date. There were many reasons to dread this run but the prospect of being finally able to run outdoors wiped those dreadful reasons from my head. I pulled on my brand new running windbreaker and strapped my new utility belt around my waist (complete with cell phone, water, sports drink, and benadryl) selected my running music and headed off toward my friend, Heather's house. I gave her a call to tell her to keep an eye out for me and the outdoor running did my heart, lungs, mind and legs some good. (Heather, you weren't home, but I filled my water bottle and helped myself to a Clementine - thank you) I must admit that I was feeling a bit sluggish, but my splits assured me otherwise, so I just kept on running. I did not miss the monotony of the dreadmill ONCE, not once! I was deliberate in my route, and even decided to run with the hills (three of them) at the 2nd half of the run (I don't know if I did that because I knew I could do them, or because I thought I needed the extra butt work, but the last one caused me to curse my decision - but I'm over it now.) I found myself wondering if Kari was on one of her hills, too. I think Bonster sent her up a few and perhaps I was feeling the need to sympathy run!!

I did a lot of thinking on my run - so much so, that I feel the stress of my previous week melting away. Funny thing - I was kicking to "Stacy's Mom has Got it Goin On" when I suddenly felt something hit me on the back of my leg - I turned around to see that I had been joined by a friendly dog. It scared the hell out of me, because I didn't hear her come from behind, and her owners were all screaming at her and apologizing to me but I just waved, and kept running (secretly wishing that the dog would join me for a bit of the run - kind of made me feel like Luna had been there - ahhhh.)

So, I calculated my run to get me to 15 miles about .5 from home so I could have a nice walk home. It did my legs good and gave me a chance to call home and request the ICE BATH to be drawn. Not only did hubby draw the dreaded ice bath, but he also blended up one heck of a banana and strawberry smoothie (THANK YOU, dear. You know how I like my bananas.)

I can't say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ice bath, but even now, as I am sore and achy, I have to wonder what I would feel like if I hadn't braved the cold for those 15 minutes. So, as I now prepared to rock out with my band tonight until 2am, I am somewhat glad that I dared to sink into that tub yet again. NOW - off I go to sing the night away. I am supposed to ski tomorrow (complete with a cook-out for 34 students) but I have a feeling that my legs might just say "NOT A CHANCE." If that's the case, I will probably heed their cries - they deserve a bit of a break!

ps - I just checked out the stats on my run - you can now call me Steady Eddy (I hope Minken doesn't mind a pace setter for the pace setter because all that work on the treadmill has made me a steady runner, right on pace from start to finish.)


  1. so admire you....not only for the running...but even more for being able to actually take an ice bath. i've tried a few times and just haven't pulled it off yet. would require something a little stronger than a banana smoothie, let me tell you! keep it up.

  2. Well my friend as you rock out I am here getting all caught up on tax stuff etc. I am also getting caught up on the blog for the week. You gals are soooooo awesome. Can you imagine 15 miles, AWESOME! Whoop Whoop!

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  4. Great job, Laura!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO! Isn't it so much better running outside?!! Let's hope spring comes fast! (I deleted the last post because of the typo...)

  5. By the way, your time was amazing! Looks like I'm going to be eating some major Laura dust on April 5!

  6. Kicking ass! Way to go :-)
    And your hubby totally gets husband of the day/month/year/training season award!