Friday, February 20, 2009

I Have One, Too!!!

As promised, I am also posting a photo of my Belgian BFF from Ste Veronique, the all-girl Catholic school that I attended while on exchange to Belgium. I had forgotten that Kari and I were just about the only exchange students in Liege to be placed in all-girl schools. I wonder if there was any reason for that????? I loved this class, and the prof, Mme Robertz was awesome! She single-handedly made my acquisition of the french language her personal priority, and I thank her for that! I had lost contact with all of these girls, but reconnected only recently. I hope to share a celebratory drink with them when I make a stop in Belgium after the marathon. I can't wait to spend Easter in Liege!

And here are the two catholic girls playing hookie!! We were trying to cheer up our very sick Aussie friend, Janet. Gosh, I wish we could find Janet on the internet somewhere. Like most Aussies, she was a rock-solid soul!!!
AND (as a side note) Kari - what IS up with our peeps from Belgium? We love them more than we love most things. Heck, they are the reason that we have arrived to this place in our lives - why aren't the representing??? I shall make it my personal challenge to place a 'call-out-to-Belgium-peeps' Blog.

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