Monday, February 9, 2009

I Ran 19 Miles on Saturday

and lived to tell about it.

I decided to document this very long run (3:40:40) with pictures which I will post tomorrow. The route (suggested by Marko, thanks!) took me from home to Cattinara to Longera to Basovizza to Padriciano to Basovizza to Slovenia (Sezana, Orlek) back to Italy to Trebiciano to Padriciano to Longera to home. It was a gray day, so the pictures don't do the run justice, but I've always wanted to take you on one of my long runs (I felt like you were there with me) and this one was the most beautiful one I have ever gone on.

I brought a copy of Marko's directions with me and took the print-out from my pocket every time I reached a new landmark. It felt like a real adventure. The directions were perfect, by the way. I made one mistake when I looped around the small village of Orlek twice because I went left instead of right (and have no sense of direction), but that would have brought the milage up to 19 from the 18.75 miles that Marko had estimated. A lot of the route was on trails going through woods, which is why it is not mapped in my recent workouts. I wouldn't even know where to begin...

It's too bad no one ever wants to come on the long runs (This isn't true. Marko offered to come on his bike but he was sick so I told him to rest... ;). They're really the most fun.

Pictures tomorrow. Lots of pats on my own back today and ceaseless bragging to whomever will listen! :)

p.s. Thanks to the ice bath afterwards, I can walk today...


  1. I'm listening to you brag and I would pat you on the back if I could. Sounds like you had a great run! I enjoyed my run as well. I am sore today (much worse than yesterday) but maybe that's due to the skiing. That might have been too much for my legs this week.

    Can't wait to see the photos! I'll try to do the same next week on my long run.

  2. You are too cool, woman. Too cool.

    Wish I could get through the mental block and actually run. :)

  3. BH, you are a lion on the soccer field. Plus, you know how to side-tackle. Very cool.

  4. It's too bad no one ever wants to come on the long runs.

    I do I do!

    But with something wheeled beneath me ;-)

  5. I stand corrected. It's true. Marko DID offer to come with me on his bike, but he was sick so I told him to rest and wait for one of the 20-milers!!! Sorry, Marko!

  6. If I ran a marathon, I'd probably try to slide tackle the competition out of my way. :)