Monday, March 16, 2009

33.6 Ks down! Paris, here we come!!!

Hopefully this is my last time over this bridge for a while!
What a day. I put on more miles last week than I am used to, so I was worried I wouldn't finish the whole 20 miles, but after about the first 25 minutes, things got better: my shins settled down, my ankles didn't hurt anymore, I could breath again, etc. Then we just took it easy (Marko and I) and talked and talked and talked until we got back to the car (which must have moved or something, because we ended up doing 33.6 kilometers instead of the planned 32 (twenty miles). That being said, I could have kept going (which was unexpected). The only incredibly big disappointement was that I LOST MY WATCH! It just plum fell off!!! I'm heart-broken. It wasn't an expensive thing, but it had the things that a good watch should have: time, date, day of the week, time in Wisconsin and Italy, cronometer with split times, and an alarm clock. So long, old friend. Sweetie assures me that some needy Slovenian runner is now thanking Atalanta for the great gift. I hope he's right. I'm going to take today to mourn a little bit anyway. :(

Special thanks to Marko and his bike for the great company yesterday, and to Davide and his bike for a great run on Saturday on the bike path!!


  1. HOOOORAH!!!! for the last 20 miles. NEXT: 26.2!!!! BRING IT ON!

  2. you look so hot.
    I'm just in awe of you friend.

  3. awesome....Sorry about the watch, it has been with you through many miles, perhaps that can be a goal for Paris as well.