Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dear Mr. G. Reaper,

Thank you for waiting so long to join me today on my 20 mile run. I am glad that you decided not to meet me at school, where I was joined by one of the girls who runs track for me and one girl (Jill) who was supposed to run the marathon with us. It would have made me look really bad in front of them had you chosen to tag along from the very beginning. I was glad to be without you when all three of us ran through our first watering/orange station (proudly manned by two other track runners.) The mood would have been very different had you been there. These girls made signs and were cheering away. They are usually the ones running and I am the one cheering, and I am sure that they have felt your presence before, but I am thankful you didn't show up there, either. We dropped one of our runners off, and that left Jill and I to run together for a while. It was great not having to work you, a third person, into our otherwise enjoyable conversation. I don't get to talk and run very often, and it was nice to enjoy those 9 miles without a glimmer of you! (despite your bad reputation, you were very thoughtful today.) Miles 9 - 15 were my time to shine, my time to run solo. It felt controlled and clear. My mind was in a good place and I enjoyed the sunshine as I ran. NOW - why you decided to show yourself at mile 16 is beyond me! I saw you from a distance and recognized the signs that you were creeping up on me. Didn't you have anything else to do with your day? Weren't there other people you could have pestered? I was almost done and no one would have known if you had just chosen to pass me by, without as much as a wink or a nod. BUT NO, I felt you throw your lactic acid my direction, I noticed the arrow of pain that you launched at my right calf, I recognized the weights on my legs as your masterful work. BUT HEAR THIS: the blood of Atalanta, goddess of running, runs through my veins and you can not and will not be stronger than that. So, Mr. Reaper, I am sorry that I left you in the dust at mile 18, I had just about enough of your poor pacing and nay-saying. I know what it is like to run alone, and you must have felt very helpless as I pulled away from you. You are such a downer and I really didn't want to have to listen to you anymore. Again, the blood of Atalanta is stronger than your will power, and although I spared your life today, be warned that the Atalanta power that Kari, Ms Fool, and I will bring to Paris should be enough to slay your sorry and slow arse. I don't know if you are aware but, the mighty Atalanta was known to slay the men who ran slower than her, and that should be just enough fair warning that you deserve.

So, the next time you see us , we will be running in Paris strong and pain-free, just keep on going because you are no match for us and it will simply be a waste of your time.


PS - I just mapped my route and think that I only went 19.75 miles (3 hours and 5 minutes)


  1. Laura,Great job pushing through the tuff parts of your run and congratulations on the finish! I have read that you need to be mentally ready to get you through the last 6 miles of the big race. Of course I have only read about it. I'm looking forward to your posts over the next couple of week and of course after the big day! The post from you marathon Goddesses are a great motivation to us beginners of the long distance running scene. Russ (Lima Rotary)

  2. G. Reaper picked the wrong chick to mess with. I bet his ego is so shot right now. Way to go, hurrah hurrah hurrah!!!!

    And let it be know that we did run as one yesterday. I cried at mile 16 and wanted to call it quits and take a cab home. BUT Atalanta spoke to me and said to stop being a bee-otch and KEEP MOVING!


    We are so ready. Yes, yes we are!
    20 days to glory.

  3. Um, the running rule is that we ALWAYS ROUND UP! Therefore, anything over 19 is officially 20!GREAT JOB!!!!! Yes, all three femmes did it!! Now we're really on our way! Wooo hooo!


  5. P.s. Mr. Reaper wasn't with you those first few miles because he was with me, poking needles into my shins! Then he got bored and went over to you, then Ms. Fool apparently. Hopefully he's got us out of his system by now! Yeesh!