Sunday, March 22, 2009

Does Anyone Have Friends Like Mine? NON! NON! NON!

I went out shopping for some clothes for my upcoming trip, came home feeling a bit under the weather, thought about bagging the weekly get-together-with-the-friends-for-Sunday-dinner, but decided I needed to eat - so I better go.... Here are some photos of the la petite soirée incroyable that I walked into. Merci à tous! (especially our followers KEB and Becky) I think you will all pick up on the theme of the party - - - sooooo much fun! Such great friends!

Kari - they even put a small centerpiece on the table with your photo and 'with us in spirit' message. They feel that they know you, can't wait for the day when they actually get a chance to meet you!

Okay - so this isn't French, but it's BELGIAN, which is keeping with the theme. Truth be told, they tried to get their hands on some Jupiler, but alas, Stella would have to do.

the french toast was mostly for the kids, it went really well with the french fries and mayo....

I am reminded of a previous post.....

Becky wearing her Tour de France shirt for the occasion - nice shirt, Beck! Allez le Tour!

There were so many other theme foods, but this is just a highlight of how awesome my friends are. They may not be riding their bikes with me for each and every mile, but they are there to toss oranges my way and throw a heck of a MARATHON party. We will do you proud!


  1. The beer and ice cream will come in handy after the marathon too!! Great fun!

  2. OMG These pictures made me EMOTIONAL!!! Thanks for including me, Laura's (now mine,too) friends!! What a party! LOVE IT! What fine people you are!!

  3. Kari-
    we sooooo wanted to include you as well. Wish you could have been here. So funny, you should have seen the emails...oh yeah and fries w/ mayo, orangina, oh yeah and french vanilla ice cream. Too funny. We wish you well.. We wish we could be there when you two cross the line! I bought Laura a frame for just that pic. Can't wait to see it. Beck

  4. BTW, hooray for Globalisation. Now you can even find French Vanilla ice cream, French fries, and French dressing in LeRoy, New York! That's what I call
    P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S-! ;) HAHAHA