Friday, March 13, 2009

Here's What's at a Rolling Boil for the weekend...

Tomorrow I'm going to run 10 miles (in theory) on the bike path with my friend David on bike. I think 10 miles is a little much for tomorrow, frankly (I've been dutifully following Hal's table this week, but my knees are burning already and I have to do that 20-miler on Sunday), so I'm going to play it by ear, which means I'm going to listen to the knees. I'll let you know on Monday what they decide. Then on Sunday I will go with Marko (you remember him, my navigator, paparazzo, running confidant, cheerleader) for the LAST 20-MILER BEFORE THE MARATHON.

Which means that Laura and I will be doing the same distance for our long run this week! Too bad we can't run it together! I'm lucky to have patient friends with bikes, but Laura and I could certainly talk our way through a 20-miler no problem (we would have more than a mile for each year it's been since we've seen each other!).

I'm worried that the marathon won't give us all the time we need to talk about everything. We have a couple of choices. We can run it extra slow (for me this won't be a big problem, I assure you), or make plans for a 100 mile ultra (but I think our families wouldn't approve).

How many miles do you think it will take for us to truly catch up?


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  2. Cheerleader? Does it imply me to buy a pom-pon and learn to play with it?