Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Do This One Together!

To Ms. Fool and Kari, YAY US!!!! This is the home stretch my femmes. As you said, "together we'll bang out 20 miles from our different locations, bound by the good vibes of our revered goddess Atalanta."

For those of you who are just passing through our blog, here's the deal: Kari and I have become 'virtual' friends with a fellow blogger and marathon virgin, Ms. Fool. She will be running her first marathon EVER in Paris along with us. This chance "meeting" has made the past 6 months of training and blogging quite a treat and the shared training experiences from three very different locations has been something that keeps us going - even on the worst of days. (If you haven't checked our her blog, you really need to do so.) I don't know what I am looking more forward to, the 26.2 miles or being face-to-face with these two women. I'm telling you what, the photos of our trip are going to be amazing!!!!!!

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