Thursday, March 26, 2009

I think our readers are tapering too!

Thank you for the well wishes you have been sending through Facebook, Daily Mile, email etc! We are getting really excited about next week. Can you believe the marathon is almost here?

But for the rest of our Friends, it looks like you're reading (from 33 different countries last time I counted), but you're so quiet. Is everything okay?

Are you on Spring Break?

What's up? Even Bonster has been quiet over the last few weeks. Enjoying that new house, no doubt...

Give us a sign! We miss you. It's our last week of training. We're tapering, so we have more time for you. Sorry if we've been neglecting you lately. We'll try to be better.


  1. I'm here and read every day. You guys are awesome and what I'm thinking is; what am I going to read after the marathon? I've so enjoyed your journey! Maybe you become official bloggers for somebody/something, because running sure isn't your only skill!

  2. Bon - I think I may be able to return to what I am best at - being a mom. Those poor boys miss their mommy!!! These next two weeks are going to be hard on all THREE of them.

  3. I was thinking the same thing....gonna miss the blog. But Laura I have a friend that is interested in running one in May. You interested? It's the yoga teacher and friend Nancy that I talk about. Kyra's man's mom.
    I am so jealous I can't stand it. You both are gonna have the time of your lives. Think of us all and give em hell. Keep in touch. Are you going to be able to blog while away. How will we know how/ what you are doing?

  4. Thanks Bonster and Beck. Welcome back! We've missed you! I'm waiting to see Laura's answer about running one in May. You should have enough recoop time, doncha think???!! Actually, I wouldn't mind doing the one in Trieste in May, too. But I work one chicken at a time. Get through Paris and then we'll see...

  5. I visit here everyday myself. Your all my motivation right now for my running. Sorry I don't comment more. I have been updating the Lima Rotary weekly as well. Enjoy the taper and best of luck is Paris.

  6. sorry...spring break ;)
    but you know I love you...and I'm sooooo excited for you.
    *muwah* xxxe

  7. Karoline!!!!! What are you trying to do here? I am nuts, but not THAT nuts - I doubt my life would survive a back-to-back marathon. So, the answer to the May marathon - NOT A CHANCE (although I know of another friend who is running that one.) I am planning on the September half with Russell, though (yeah!)

  8. Did you see how I pulled out the KAROLINE as a way of scolding???? It's almost as bad as including the middle name! (for future reference, dear, what IS your middle name?)