Sunday, April 26, 2009

Am I a Runner?

Our friend, Ms. Running Fool, posted an amazing blog entry the other day questioning her followers if a person who runs a marathon just to finish, is actually a 'runner' and actually a 'racer.' It was an interesting post for many reasons. It certainly made me question whether or not I felt like our marathon was, in our minds, a race. Did the fact that we ran the entire thing make us RUNNERS? More importantly, though, is that it made me think for an hour (my run today) about whether or not I consider myself a 'runner.'

It is true that my focus has been lost, since returning from Europe. The lack of a goal has made it difficult for me to recognize the importance of getting out a running. Kari is right when she says that until now, we have had Hot Hal telling us what to run, when to run, how to run, and when to stop. Now that there is no marathon to train for, it is difficult to determine for myself what would suffice for a daily run. I have noticed that I am no longer needing the nike+ device to tell me my pace - I am happy with my music playing and my body dictating my pace. I have noticed that I am no longer looking to Hal for my distance, I am listening to my body for that decision. I have noticed that I am no longer looking toward the roads for my workouts, my body is craving something more - TRAIL RUNS. So, I went out for the past two days in search of some trails to run, rather than same-ol-kicking asphalt!!! It is a different kind of running. A kind of running that I am glad I have only NOW found because I fear that had I started running trails while training for that marathon, I would have certainly sprained an ankle or something. It is mentally and physically challenging (you have to concentrate on keeping your balance and constantly pay attention to your footing....but I love it.)

Today, I went out for a trail run. Most of the run was along some woody trails, the last part was along a cinder path. When I finally reached the road to get me home, I noticed that my legs suddenly felt supercharged. It made me immediately see how much harder I had to work to run the trails. The road made me feel like I was sprinting home.

I have but one wish, as I continue my trail running passion - a biker (or fellow runner) to accompany me along my trails. I am beginning to grow tired of running my myself. After having over 35000 people stomp with me all through Paris, I don't know that I love running by myself any more..... ANYONE??? Let these photos convince you to tag along - come on!!!

So, on that note: I am a runner!!! I am out there running!!! I love taking pictures of the places that few people get to see - along the trail. Isn't there anyone who would like to splash through the puddles with me? Anyone else want to get their feet dirty? Join me!! (and let's find a trail race to train for.)


  1. Awesome pics! Every now and again - especially after posts like yours - I am so sorry that there are none such paths within convenient distance from my home. Please keep us uptodate on the trail running!

  2. Love the pics!! What a great place to run!

  3. If you run, you are a runner. No matter how far or what "medium."'re a runner!

  4. I'm glad you found a new passion in Trail Running! I think it is a great way to mix it up and keep yourself interested. I still run on both the road and trails but enjoy my time on the trails much more. The best thing is that no two trails are the same and so how you perform on them varies from trail to trail. I also like that it is a bit more technical. You can find other trails to run in your area at for a list of over 600 trail runs in the nation.

  5. completely agree with bad hippie. if you run, you're a runner, regardless of anyone else's definition of same! enjoy those trails. i would love to do trails but my ankles don't appreciate uneven surfaces. run strong, my marathon veteran friend!