Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm not going to run the marathon on Sunday

And I was kind of bummed out about it, even though I think it's the right decision. So I just couldn't blog it earlier. Sorry to keep you waiting!! Here's why I'm not going to run it:

1. It just feels TOO LONELY to run it without Laura or anybody else for that matter. I know. Is that wimpy??

2. ...

Even though I totally think of myself as an independent runner, I just don't feel like doing this one alone. Maybe Venice would be different because there would be so many people running it and cheering us on, but not Trieste. Not this year. If Sweetie were doing the half, it would have been a different story, but he is bouncing back after a knee injury and also wasn't overjoyed at the idea of my running another marathon on a day when we could go hiking or do something else together. I guess I don't blame him after all the Paris training, he was on his own a lot...In general, though, I feel like I need a change of pace. I want to run for other reasons, like for the love of running, to be outside in the middle of nowhere, to go further. We've both (Laura and I) been talking about trail runs lately, and I think that's what I really need right now. If I can't run with Laura, then let it be just me and the trees...Or me and the trees and somebody going really slow on a bicycle.

Which brings me to the UPBEAT part of the post.

I am SOOOOO excited because my friend Noel is coming to visit me. He took a year off to ride his bike from Portugal to Vietnam. He is amazing and I am so honored that he's making a stop at my house. You HAVE to check out his site. So cool!!

So here's my little dream. When he's on his way out of town, maybe he'll let me do a bit with him, say a good 15 miler and then I can run the other 15 miles home. NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN! I hope he wouldn't mind. But, then again, Sweetie said he would like to run with him, too. If he does, that's great, I want him to get back into running (see reason 1 for not doing the marathon on Sunday), but I don't want him to overdo it, so we'll go a shorter distance. To me this sounds about 100 times more cool than doing the marathon. But it doesn't take away the feeling of being a loser for not running a marathon that I KNOW I am prepared for.

But life is full of choices, right?

By the way, a special thank you to fellow blogger and amazing 12 in 12 marathoner Michael B. for offering to come to Trieste to run it with me so I wouldn't have to do it alone! I say we make a plan for next year! Everybody is invited! Bad Hippie is in, I'm sure I can talk Psychobabble into it, and Laura has a year to convince her school district to change their vacation schedule to accomodate her marathon habit. If not, there is always Lubliana or Venice. Both close. Let's keep our options open. Otherwise, the trails are always open here, and they're awesome.


  1. Offer advice to newbie runners, please...should I skip the trails for now as I up my mileage so as not to injure myself?

    (Jeez. Like I couldn't do worse in a soccer game, right?)


  2. B.H. Do not skip trails. Just watch where you're going so you don't trip. Up mileage responsibly.

  3. Clearly, Kari -- you haven't seen me run. Or walk. I TRIP UP STAIRS for god's sake. I'm not very graceful.

  4. Talk me into running Venice you say? What am I, some kind of sucker?

    By the way, my answer is YES!

    Get sweetie those ITB straps. If you can't find them let me know. I'll mail a pair over.

    Keep running strong ma femme!

  5. I am proud of you for arriving at this difficult decision. In fact, I too feel like any marathon after the one spent training and running with you is going to pale in comparison. Why do we have to be so damn good the first time around????

  6. I think you two were Siamese twins separated at birth.

    Yep. I'm convinced!

  7. Durn...I don't get invited?! :(

    Trail running is great fun...just keep your eyes open for cougars - they can really put a damper on an otherwise great run.