Friday, May 8, 2009

All kinds of Good News!

Gosh, the sun is out here, there's a gentle breeze, and my brother and his wife are in town. It's their first time visiting me, and their first time to Italy, so we've been doing all kinds of cool stuff that we don't do that much unless people are visiting (sleeping is not one of those things). We've been keeping in touch on Twitter while I'm at work and they're wandering the streets of Trieste. I just love having visitors! I can't wait to take them running this weekend. My brother is a treadmill addict and doesn't ever run outside (likes to control settings and speed, actually he hates running, and, frankly, if he only does it on a treadmill I can see why. He's missing out!), but I'm going to help him see the light. I promised him we would do 20 minutes max (wink wink). I think he's going to faint when he sees the awesome view of the Gulf of Trieste from the Bike path. It is really amazing. I'll bring my camera so you can see it, too.

I am also happy because the Rotary PolioPlus foundation emailed us (shout out to Laura at to say that they read our blog and kept up with our training and running of the Paris marathon and that they want to do a story on us (maybe) for their annual report. This was incredibly flattering because we love Rotary (after all, they brought us together to study in Belgium by sponsoring us as high school exchange students), and the attention, well we like that, too. Anybody who was with us in Paris, if you have any good pictures that are NOT compressed, send them to us, maybe they can use them!

More happy news is that I am so excited that Michael B, our running idol and one of our very special BBFs (Best Blogger Friends) has signed on to run the Rochester full marathon with Laura. I think that totally rocks!! I wish I could run it with them, really I do... But even if I can't, I'm just glad they're doing it together.

HIGH FIVES to you guys, and...

to Ms. Fool, another BBF, (and the other pea in our tri-pod), may you high-5 Jesus during the North Face Endurance challenge tomorrow! Atalanta be with you!

I think we're doing Venice on Sunday (LOVE VENICE), but if we don't, there's always the Giro d'Italia bike race which is looping through Trieste that morning. I'll let you know.

One more piece of good news. Did I tell you I became a Rotarian? Well, I did! And next week I will become an active member. I can't wait! My club is amazing. They were majorly supportive of our marathon project and it is a group of incredibly nice people that I am happy to know.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend.


  1. the only way...and i mean the ONLY way rochester could be better...would be if YOU were there, ms. k! also...looking forward, like crazy, to the pictures of the bay from your run with your brother this weekend. have a grand time.

  2. The dreadmill...?!!! Gross. Tell him he can control speed with a Garmin.