Monday, May 4, 2009

Marathon in my future?

I got a text message this afternoon from a friend who lives down the street, asking me if I was going to run tonight. YES, I said, and waited for the reply. He wanted to join in on the fun, and I started thinking "where were you for the past 18 weeks when I was training by myself?" BUT - nonetheless, off we went, for what was a very very very pleasant run. It was nice to have someone to talk to. He and I went stride for stride, and I felt a bit of pride as I noticed he was starting to huff and puff as I was hitting my 2.5 mile warm-up. I took him on some trails that I have found in the past few weeks, and he was shocked at how much of LeRoy he didn't know. He was also amazed at all the people that waved to me along our run. I guess I have met a few people along the way, they have seen me run past their homes for 6 months, I hope they will wave and say hello!! So, running with Al made me think how much I enjoyed running with 37000 people in Paris, which made me think about how much I enjoyed running in Paris, which made me think about how much I enjoyed crossing the finish line in Paris, which made me think about........

Anyhow - I came to the realization that I think I am going to up the ante and register for the Rochester Full Marathon in September. I just looked at the calendar and have 20 weeks to get into better marathon shape (this time, following the intermediate/advanced training schedule.) It will be interesting to see how different training in the summer will be as opposed to winter training. I am psyched to make this decision, and feel a little less pressure considering it is comparatively in my back-yard (rather than across the ocean.)

Ms Fool - I know you are going to be in Montreal, but if you change your mind, Rochester is closer, (and I'll be here!!!)

Kari - same goes for you!!!

Minken - it's not Nigeria or Poland or Berlin or Prague or Paris (or wherever you want to run), but it is my hometown marathon, and I know how you feel about the hometown marathon, and I'll invite you, too!!!

Michael B - you know you'd love to, and it is now a goal of mine to run with you, what do you say??

Russ - you're doing the half, what do you say about running the full with me???? If I can do it, anyone can.

Anyone else....near or far, .... there is a half-marathon, too. (also a 4, 3, or 2 person relay - kinda fun!)



  1. Laura, I'll have to give that challenge a thought! It is very tempting. I'm running the Lilac 10k on the 17th. I'll start looking at the half and full marathon plans. Now look what you did!

  2. GO FOR IT GIRL!!!
    do it do it do it do it.

    And, I haven't signed up for Montreal yet, so Rochester Half is a possibility. A real possibility. How you tempt me, woman!

  3. congrats on taking the rochester plunge! i would love to do it with you but my 2009 schedule is pretty much set...and i'm trying to travel as little as possible the rest of this year so i can go MORE places next year. we WILL run together...i promise. looking forward to following the rochester journey, my friend.

  4. OK..scratch that...i am exploring a possible trip to rochester. more to come later. now look what you've done!!!!

  5. Wish I could go!! You go, Michael B and Ms. Fool!!

  6. The home town ones are always the best...just think of the fan base you can take with you to cheer you on! (Make sure you strategically place them along the route to give you your nutrition along the way so you do not have to carry it!)

    I would love to run in New York but I think I will dodging bullets at that time.. :(