Friday, May 29, 2009


Hello hello hello again, my friends. I'm sorry about the silence. This week I was in Budapest on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for my new free-lance gig. Did I tell you my work contract expires this month and it didn't get renewed and so I'm opening up my own little business doing communications and marketing and translations and PR, etc.? That's what we call "Turning lemons into lemonade." Atalanta has been smiling on me since I made that decision. For one thing, she put me in touch with a really cool woman named Klementina (woman business owner in Italy, not something you see every day, LOVE IT!) who needed some help with a couple of international clients. So we went to Budapest together (may there be many many more trips like this in my professional future!!). But the BEST PART (and thank you again, Atalanta) is that she is a runner! So we got along great (she also likes food and wine) and we ran in Budapest and as we learned in Paris, running is the BEST WAY TO DISCOVER A CITY.

I already love my new life.

I've got a four day weekend coming up. (Oh stop, you had Memorial day, what, last week?!) I can't wait. I'm going to sleep and then I'm going to run and catch up with my blogging buddies.

Shout out to Michael B who is running the Marathon in San Diego this weekend. Good luck, friend!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS, MARATHONER, to Mary Karen, who kicked the Buffalo Marathon's butt last week! Excellent job.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah, finally! I missed you, but sounds like your absense was justified. Mega congrats on the freelance work, and yes, our revered goddess never leaves her spawn hanging. Woot! I am a tiny bit jealous though. Just a tiny bit :p

    Welcome back, sista and keep em entries coming.

  2. Great to hear that it's all going so well. Running in a new city is the best, especially when you get to share the experience.

  3. Yes, hello Kari! I miss you - send me an e-mail this weekend? OR, skype a bit. I am going through got it, POST KARI DEPRESSION!!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you're back...and Laura, too! I've missed the blog. :)

  5. sounds as tho your life has taken an exciting turn...with the new career and all...AND frequent trips to budapest. man, i love that place...even tho that where i DIDN'T finish the marathon...damned budapest police and the sweeper truck! wishing you the best in the new gig...and thanks for the RNR shoutout. cheers, my friend.