Sunday, May 31, 2009

You'd Better THINK....

The best part about running, in my opinion, is the time I get to think about things I wouldn't normally have the chance to think about. So, here's a peek into my brain as I ran my 6 miles today.

1) "Damn, this wind makes me feel like I'm either running 12 miles an hour, or 1 mile an hour...Atalanta, what the heck did I do to you for you to ignore me at my time of need"

2) "Mary Karen needed more people surrounding her at mile 17. With only 1,000 people running that marathon last week, by the time she got to that WALL, there weren't enough people running around her to help her moving. Thank god we had 37,000 people in Paris. We were never alone out there. Even though I think the crowd was sparce in the last 3 miles, the runners (or walkers, at that point) were still thick as theives - btw, Kari and I were RUNNING, thank you very much."

3) "Where the heck is Al? I've gotten used to running with my neighbor and I am kinda bored without someone to push me." Al was a really good friend of my brother's in high school, and I never in a million years thought that he and I would become neighbors and running partners. "I wonder if I can convince him to run a few races with me? He pulls me through the first 3 miles and I drag his ass through the last three - good stuff."

4) "It was really cool to see my high school track coach at yesterday's sectional track meet. I should get him to run the Boilermaker with me. "

5) "I should get all the runners I know to run the Boilermaker with me - it is supposed to be one hell of a party. Everyone who has run it basically says it's a 15k race to a beer tent-what's not to like?"

6) "I hope it's not as hot on September 13th as it was last year for the Rochester marathon...I don't like the heat"

7) "What the hell smells? There must be a dead animal in the hedge-row over faster!"

8) "I wonder when the last time was that I saw my in-laws? It was before Paris! Gosh, we are all too busy. " Bonster, if you are still reading our blog,

9) "Does anyone realize how friggin cool it is that our blogging friend, Michael, has not only finished his 7th marathon in 7 months (on his way to 12 in 12) but - he's going to run Rochester with ME in September, and Trieste with Kari in 2010!! When you think about it, that is really, really cool. Too bad we didn't push for him to join us in Paris, that would have been amazing."

10) "What the heck is so great about the movie Twilight?" I watched it two nights ago, mostly because I'm reading in in french and needed a bit of the cliffnotes version to get me inspired. I'm not getting the hype...whatever.

11) "I need to get Russ to write his guest contributor piece, we need some fresh marathoning blood on this site"

12) "I wonder if Kari's going to be up for a SKYPE in the morning. I am going through PKD (post Kari Depression."

There it is, folks. I'm sure there's more that I thought about, oh yeah...

13) "I'm going to have to pass these teenage boys, I wonder what they are saying about the 35ish year-old passing them ...pick up the pace, boys, marathoner coming through"

14) "Thank god it's a step-back week for my training, because I don't feel like I've really STARTED training, and I'm already at week 3 - geesh - time to get on the schedule, here. I have to go 3/6/3/11 this week - I can do it!'

ALRIGHT - off to put the kids to bed and get into that book I spoke about earlier.


  1. Great post! It's great that you remember so much stuff that goes through your mind on a run. I always wish I could take a notebook and pen with me to capture all the stuff in my head during a training.

    All the best with following the schedule.

  2. whaaat, Michael is running Trieste, too? Man that guy is super cool.

    Atalanta is not ignoring you. Trust, she will be there when you need her most. Good job getting those 6 miles in! Woot!

  3. loved this post...i have thought so many similar things while running...and many other thoughts not suitable for sharing!!!!! love #13...when my stepdaughter and i were training for portland we used to love it when other runners flew by us...on their "little" 3 milers...and we say to each other...yeah..but we're doing 15 today..and a marathon kiss my ___! never so they could hear. thanks for the mention(s)on the blog. looking forward to rochester, although you never mentioned before that i could be hot. and wish i could have run paris with you and K. one of life's many missed moments. cheers, my friend.

  4. What do I have to do to offer up my story as a guest? I can have my running partner Judi be my editor to make sure it is as well written as the posts all of you contribute! My story is not all that exciting but everyone who blogs and comments here drive me to keep running! I've got the bug as they say...Thanks to Laura I'm going to run and finish my first marathon!

  5. What about that adorable little rugrat holding the sign?! I see a future marathoner. Laura, is he yours?