Monday, May 18, 2009


I woke up this morning in quite the hum-drum mood. Things at work have been, well, hum-drum. When I say hum-drum, I don't necessarily mean it in the "oh my god I'm going to fall asleep" way that one associates with the phrase - rather - the "this isn't exactly why I went into teaching" hum-drum. (now, for anyone who is from my workplace, please don't take this the wrong way, because you all know that the end of the year can be a bit difficult to maneuver for even the most experienced of teachers....making everyone question what part of May and June can a teacher be prepared for?)
SO - hum-drum. UNTIL THIS came across my e-mail..... A quick note from Kari saying CHECK THIS OUT. (this is where you check this out) Then she simply sent another link.

SO, now that you've checked out these awesome links - DID YOU CHECK WHERE THEY ARE???? That's right, British Columbia!!! Our friends to the way way way North and way way way WEST are reading about us. (pat on your back Kari, I feel the pat on my back, too.)

After I read these two identical articles (and assumed that they came from Rotary International) I decided that my favorite part is the absolute last line: "Their blog site was top of the list of what RI is clicking on this month."

Of all the things that the folks at Rotary International do with their time and efforts, they were reading our blog as we were running in Paris!!! It kind of hit me as I read it that the Rotary International organization has brought Kari and I full circle - and has brought so many of us together through service for others. Our fundraising efforts may only be a drop in the bucket (as far as money goes) but the message that we have helped send will prove to be more valuable than all the money that we raised.

So, as I continued with my ONCE hum-drum day, I kept reminding myself that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves as we maneuver through our complex days. There are things out there to be done, and if it is through running another marathon with friends that I have met through this blog - then so be it!!!

AND - if there is anyone reading this from British Columbia - THANKS FOR THINKING OUR STORY IS GOOD ENOUGH TO POST ON YOUR WEBSITE!!! (feel like coming to Rochester???)


  1. Richmond should be shouted out to, too... They published us, too. Love that picture on the train when we were 17...You still wear those shoes, don't you?

  2. Can I please have your autographs?

  3. We Canadians are nothing but love.

    Other interesting points of interest is that you see Calgary just east of Banff (you see the dot and the partial 'C') and if you look WAAAAY north in the Yukon, you will find a little town called Mayo - home of the Mayo midnight marathon. Good job for including a map with this town on it!

  4. Midnight marathon. ROCK ON! Something to look forward to!