Sunday, May 17, 2009

Everyone's Doing It!

Now I'm psyched! I'm truly psyched.

Back up!!! The week of the Paris Marathon, I finally met fellow blogger and marathoner Minken, on his "home" turf, a quaint park in Paris. It was a great park, and we had some nice conversation. One think that strikes me as interesting now was when he asked about my future of marathoning. I was quick to say that I didn't envision myself becoming a marathoner (like himself) but that I really enjoyed the half-marathon distance. I think that he was on to me, because when he said that I'd never be able to settle for the half-marathoner medal around my neck when I saw others frolicking around the after-party scene with their FULL-MARATHON medals around their necks - I knew that he was right.

So, when I posted a few weeks ago that I had decided to train for the Rochester marathon, I shouldn't have been shocked. No one should have been shocked. It just isn't shocking that I am going to run this thing.... back up again.... another thing that Minken said is that the reason he was running the Paris Marathon was because he believed that people should run their hometown marathon. (there isn't a LeRoy marathon, so Rochester is it!) So, I feel compelled to run the Rochester marathon because it is my hometown marathon.

Now, I just got off the phone with a friend who I met during my Rotary Club tour as I was publicizing the PolioPlus efforts during the training for Paris. Russ had just begun getting into running when I visited the Lima Rotary Club. He was full of questions and eager to find out all the details of training that most people weren't interested in. I am so proud to report that Russ completed the Lilac Festival 10k this morning in just over an hour. Even more impressive is that Russ had decided to run his first marathon in his hometown, Rochester!!! YES, our entourage is growing - Russ, Michael, Me (Ms Fool???) EVERYONE IS DOING IT!!!!

Bring on summer training!


  1. That Minken must be one perceptive dude!!

    In case I missed it, when is the marathon?

    I look forward to following your training!!

  2. I will be signing up for a 5K soon...I'm pretty sure I can hack that here in Ohio!

  3. Ahhhh it's contagious! Yay!

    Ms Fool will have to graciously and regrettably sit this one out :( You tempt me like crazy woman. Oh how you tempt me, but the gurus prohibited me from running a marathon so close to NY so I must listen to their words of 'wisdom'. Some foolishness about my body not healing in time to brave the NYC course madness.

    Atleast we'll be training together! weeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Laura, It was great to finally get to talk to you. Facebook is a great way to find people. I have to say that I'm enjoying the new plan aready on the first day. Monday's are a rest day! It is hard to do the rest day's. I have a feeling I will learn to enjoy them. I look forward to meeting everyone who decides to come to Rochester to run with us!!!

  5. Bad Hippie - even if you don't run the ROchester marathon, it's not far from your Ohio homebase - you should come out and see what all the hub-ub is about....think it over. (ps - similarly, you could talk me into a trip to The Flats that includes a Saturday run through Cleveland...especially as Trieste gets closer)

  6. minken - just started following your blog...and your training. love the pics of prague, especially as i am planning on running trieste AND prague next year.