Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where Have We BEEN???

Okay okay okay.... I think the bottom line is this: (and I think I'm speaking for the both of us, here) - We are finally realizing all the things that got conveniently pushed to the side as we were training for Paris. Now that the marathon is over, and the trip is done, and we are home, and back to work.... HOLY MOTHER MARY OF GOD ARE WE BUSY!!!! My day still starts at 5:00am and ends somewhere around 9pm (but more like 11pm) but the difference now is that every spare moment of time is occupied by things that were not a priority during those long months, but are now in urgent need of finishing..... oh boy.

HOWEVER - here is what I am working on tonight: an article for Rotary International explaining the journey from here to there and back. In preparation for this article, I sat down with our district governor and handed over about $2500 worth of donations (add that to the $2100 already given him directly and the additional $1500 that went directly to him...) YOU GET THE NICE PICTURE. Here's the great news - due to our combined efforts, and the message that we have helped spread, Rotary District 7120 has reached their goal of $100,000 towards PolioPlus. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. I know that there is money still trickling in - and keep it coming, but it feels good to see what our efforts have achieved.

So, off I go to write up the details.... I hope to be placing a link here very soon so all of you can read about our combined efforts in their annual report (this is a BIG deal, folks)


  1. That is a very decent gift! Congrats!

  2. My heroes! You gals rule. Congratulations.