Friday, June 12, 2009

It's a Small World Afterall....lalalala

I have been absent, and I find myself saying SORRY again for this absence....again, I am sorry. I am happy to see that Kari has kept herself busy with her barefoot vs. running shoes experiment. It has given us all much to read about and certainly much to ponder, as we question if we should follow suit (I am sure we WILL eventually, because we always do what Kari says. She is a renegade!)

Anyway, today was a fabulous day on many levels.

1 - my first coaching experience is still not over - STILL NOT OVER!! Track and Field is supposed to be a short season, unless you have a SUPERSTAR for a sprinter. One of our boys has sprinted his way through sectionals, state qualifiers, and state prelims ..... and is now seated comfortably in the STATE FINALS tomorrow in North Cicero, New York. A feat which is difficult to achieve in one event, certainly! HOWEVER, he has managed to crawl up this perilous ladder in TWO events (100 and 200.) Proud proud coach, I am. I can't take much of the credit, particularly because I haven't really coached the sprinters. However, I have coached the distance runners so that our other coaches can dedicate more time to the sprinters - we all have our roles to play. So - I am excited to see if he can win tomorrow.

2 - while waiting for my trip to North Cicero, I had a great time tweeting with fellow bloggers Michael B and Karoline. You see, it seems that Kari has decided to become the expert on running barefoot (at Michael's suggestion.) Michael and I have yet to attempt said exercise and are feeling a bit inadequate with regards to this new specialty. I have concerns for my flat feet - seeing as I require gel inserts in my sneakers in order to run with any sort of comfort. Add to that, I am allergic to bees (afraid to step on a bee!!). Kari carried my epipen through the streets of Paris and I have yet to find another friend who will do so in LeRoy.

3 - Kari also tweeted that she has made contact with a fellow LeRoyan who is living in Trieste (small world) and will be getting together on Sunday - OF COURSE, Kari, you must wear the Jell-o tee shirt. How else will Brendan recognize you????

4 - Back to North Cicero - I called a friend who was an exchange student with Kari and I in Belgium. I knew that Aaron lived near Syracuse, because I had spoken to him a few months ago. When I told him that I'd be in North Cicero, how about lunch. He said that the Track Meet was literally in his back yard!! Well, we went out to lunch ( hadn't seen each other in 16 years) and he wasn't kidding when he said it was in his back yard. As I pulled up his driveway, I heard the first call for pole vault weigh-ins!! SMALL WORLD? HELL YEAH!!! So, it was great to see Aaron again - I'll spare you all the details of our conversations, but it was soooooo great to see him.

All of this made possible through the efforts of this blog and our decision to carry forth during and after our quest to complete the Paris marathon!!


  1. Yay! More reunions made possible through running and blogging! Fabulous pict of you both. :)

  2. i'll happily carry your anti-bee-sting stuff during the marathon!!!