Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words!

Taking them off (note my Eiffel Tower socks)

Leaving them behind

Dirty toes when I was done with my barefooted 2 miles.
Off to some trails......

My sneakered feet took to these trails feeling somewhat muffled.

An unexpected bridge

and to celebrate today's feat??? **pun intended**- found this at the liquor store
(didn't know it existed)
Very fitting, don't you think? Sante!!!


  1. You may be just as nutty as Kari...and I mean that in a good way!

    I'm not sure if I'll hop on the barefoot band wagon. My poor dogs need support, and often are a little blistered from soccer. All that pivoting and quick braking takes its toll. I need support when I'm not on the pitch!

    But you and Kari keep it up. It's awesome!

  2. excellent. the wine choice is my wife's favourite...from right here in nor cal!

  3. it seems the foot on the bottle has slightly more arch than you! I do not think I will try barefoot in Paris anytime feet would get loaded with shrapnel in no time!

  4. Muffled is the right word, it's exactly how the feet feel when you put shoes back on... RIGHT ON, LAURA, YOU ROCK!

  5. I LOVE picture posts :) Love the socks too ;)

  6. Great work on the barefoot run!
    That is so cool