Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boilermaker Report

I just added these photos (out of order, but it's all good) Here are the 15k-ers at the finish
... and the 5k-ers at the finish

all of us leaving the hotel at 6am to catch the shuttle to the start.

Simply a great time - everyone should run the Boilermaker

Me, Judi, and "LimaRuss" at the start (looking ready)
Check out my t-shirt (I chose to have my number printed directly to my shirt. Great souvenir of the race. Wish they did that at every race.)
Fast forward to the finish line - this is a permanent fixture next to the brewery!

This guy, Bill Pelton, DIDN't opt to have his number printed on his shirt but he gave me permission to take his picture and post it on the blog. HOW ABOUT THAT????

(Minken??? Thoughts??)

Now this is what I call a party!!

Just about every person who was over the age of 21 (and I'm sure some who were not) were drinking it up at 9:30 AM. Carb replacement, carb replacement.

CHEERS to all of you!
I think that pictures speak louder than words, and I tried to capture this 15k race with photos. I couldn't capture everything, but I think that you will get the idea. Having run this race, I now know why it is viewed as one of the more popular races in the country. (Elites were impressive, although I didn't so much as cast an eye on them. We snails enjoyed the music, Popsicles, crowds, belly dancers, golf course, zoo, firemen, bagpipers, and.......BEER at the end.) Had a great time running with 12,000 people and partying at the end. I'll do it again next year - anyone want to join me?

By the way, I felt great and ran a 9:33 pace (hills and all!~ nice)


  1. great pictures! thanks.

    congrats to you, russ and the hubby!

  2. love the pics....How did Justin do and will he be blogging on here? Yeah!

  3. Well, I guess your man Bill Pelton does not require nip gaurds...

    But seriously, that was one of the most disturbing images I have seen in a long time...please refrain from posting images like that in the future. Or at least give us warning so that we do not spit up a half cup of orange juice over our computer screens.

  4. Hey.. lol This is Bill Pelton.. It's not that disturbing. See you guys at the next race.. take care everyone..

  5. BILL PELTON!!! I saw that name on my e-mail, and said - HEY, I KNOW THAT NAME!!!! I told you it'd be on the blog - I'm a woman of my word. I am not sure that I will be at the Boilermaker this year because I may be on my way home from Europe. We will see...... cheers!!!!

  6. wow i can beleive this is still posted.. this is bill if anyone wants to email me..