Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Miss My BFF!

My mojo is off, my spirit is cracked, my mind is not at ease, my life is not whole, my my my ..... The only thing I can think is that I am missing my friend, Kari. I mean, really, this is HER blog too!!! I feel like Captain without my Tannile, Sonny without Cher, Hall without Oats, Siegfried without Roy, Forrest without Jennie, Tina without Ike (actully, she's better without him), DJ Jazzy Jeff without the Fresh Prince, Yoko without John, Regis without KathiLee, The Jacksons without Michael (okay, that wasn't funny), I mean REALLY, Bo withouth Luke.... the list goes on and on. She is on a yacht somewhere in the Adriatic, or something (not getting a whole lot of running done, but maybe swimming behind a dingy????) Here is what I propose -when she returns, I think she should have a blog post full of comments proclaiming how much we miss her and need her back in our lives.....sounds pathetic, doesn't it? Well, let's do it anyway!!!! What do you think.....here, I'll start.....


  1. Kari - I realize that you are probably having one hell of a time on that ship of yours, but I need you back and miss your virtual smile in my life. Come back quick!

  2. tear tear waaaaaaaaaaaa.
    I miss both of yous. Come back to blog world! See, this is why we need to train for and run marathons TOGETHER!

    p.s. word verification is 'crapola'
    SMH and MDR

  3. aww this makes me miss my BFF too! I hope she is back blogging and posting soon :)

  4. Thanks, girls! I missed you too. Full report to come, MWAH! Also, can't wait to catch up on yer guys's blogs too!!! Missed the action!