Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebrate - zzzzzz

My blogging birthday passed without much fanfare - actually, barely anyone asked or cared about our blogging birthday (except of course, you all. I'm speaking of my non-blogging friends, of course.)  My intention was to run for the first time since Rochester, but I just couldn't sqeeze it in. Truth is: I began weight training again earlier this week and my legs are still SCREAMING at me. I need to convince them that the extra work (60 weighted lunges) will suit them well - make them look younger than they really are, but they just aren't convinced yet. So, until they start feeling better, I will be sticking to my upper body training (my arms know that they need the extra work, and are willing to put up with my torture.) Deep down, I don't really miss the running yet. My body still feels the need for rest - so I will continue to listen.

Up today? I am the announcer for our high-school football games (something that gets me in out of the wet and cold, and still allows me to watch the game) - so, we have a big game today. Followed by a gig at a local bowling alley - ROCK ON EXIT 47!!!!

AND - my friend MaryKaren and I are going to make the 2009-2010 school year "half-marathon year." I ask you all to start scanning the schedules.... help us find 10 halves that are destined to be run by us. (preferably in NE United States *** Kari - I am not coming to Trieste!)

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