Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy First Birthday Road to Paris!

I made you a cake! Hope you like it! It's fat free, of course... I tried to find a good one on but I mostly got grossed out by their cakes, even if they are hilarious.
I still can't believe we started this blog a whole year ago! That means we were just starting our training for the Paris marathon. That reminds me-- I better get going on my training for Trieste in May. Still think I can talk Laura into it...
I am pretty happy with my running, though. I did a cruel 11-miler yesterday that I hoped would be 12 from my house to Slovenia and back. I would like to try to keep my mileage above 30 for the week, but it's not easy when I have looming deadlines. I'm at 19 so far for this week. Hopefully I can sneak something in today. The weekend will be busy.
I think I need to make myself a pot of coffee, all of my sentences are starting with "I". Not good. This post was supposed to be all about the blog and it's birthday.
Bloggy blog? What would you like for your birthday? A new gadget? Ok. I will have to find something fun, just as soon as I finish my coffee and start my work for the day and need another minute to procrastinate... When Laura gets up we can sing Happy Birthday.


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  2. somehow i woke up this morning at 4:20...and could not get back to sleep. decided to just get up and check in with my online peeps, only to discover that this update had been posted at 4:18! perhaps i sensed a "disturbance in the force"! happy birthday RtP!

  3. Michael, we wouldn't have the party without you!! Go back to sleep, we'll save you some cake!! ;)

  4. How time flies, your baby is growing up! Happy Birthday, you cute little snookum you!

  5. You said it, girl! Watching the slide show made me remember RtP's first big moments. Learning to run, learning to eat correctly, drink... gosh. So much has happened in a year...