Monday, September 7, 2009

I need a Plan

I chatted with another blogging friend this morning. Minken was our 'go-to-guy' for our Paris training. He was our expert and our advice giver (whether we wanted it or not.) For the record, he has never led us wrong, so it only seemed fitting that he return to role of advice giver for my pending Rochester Marathon. I will be running with a friend of mine and shooting for 4hours and 15 minutes. Minken gave me a formula for helping me reach the goal. I, of course, am nervous about this marathon because I don't feel like I have been putting in the short runs like I did in February and March. "Not to worry," he said "your training from April will carry you through. You will run faster and stronger." *or something like that*

So, I am going to follow his advice and try to run SLOW for the first 4-5 miles (probably 10.30 pace) then hit my target pace for miles 6-18 and then try to speed up a bit for the last stretch.....ugh!!! As I type it, I'm sure it's easier said than done. BUT, in retrospect, as crappy as Kari and I felt for the last stretch, we still posted negative splits - I'm counting on that next Sunday. 

I hope that Ms. Fool and Kari don't mind, I'm taking Atalanta for the entire week. I'm picking her up at the airport later today - if you need her, you can skype her at my house, but she's sticking with me for the next week.

I feel the love - we feel the love - you should feel it, too! We just aren't the same without our blog..... BRING ON ROCHESTER!!!


  1. yep...try to stretch the slow start for as long as you can...your body will be flying high at the end when everyone else are in a tailspin crashing...