Monday, September 7, 2009

Yeah! I can blog again!

It's good to be back...

Yesterday during my run, ATALANTA came to me and here is what she said:

A: Hey! Wow! You sure porked out since the Paris marathon!
Me: (huff huff) Yeah, I know, I'm working on that. Trying to get my miles back up again. I took a little break this summer...
A: I'll say! Pick up the pace, girl!

Then she raced me for a little bit down Via Costa Lunga... letting me run ahead of her when the sidewalk got too narrow for us to run side by side. It was fun running with Atalanta again. She doesn't usually come on the short runs.

Then she spoke again:

A: Kari, it's time for you to blog again. Wish Laura well for her second marathon. Thank your people for their support and continue the Road to Paris (just say yes!) blog. This is your destiny. Do it in the name of the great and almighty Atlanta.

Then... POOF, as fast as she had come, she was gone. I finished my run and couldn't wait to blog about it! But then I couldn't get into the blog! I was locked out!

Today Laura let me back in (I changed google accounts and that messed things up).

During our blogging hiatus, Laura and I thought a lot about our blogging future and what, specifically, to do with this blog. We thought about shutting it down on its birthday. We already ran the Marathon, after all, the Road to Paris, well: BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

Then we thought about starting a new Blog called JUST SAY YES, harking back to our exchange student days, and the concept that got us training and blogging together and meeting up in Paris after 18 years... After my meeting with Atalanta, though, I got to thinking that I'm pretty attached to this blog. I mean, WE HAVE A HISTORY TOGETHER. Plus, I miss Laura, the blog kept us in constant communication much better than even email, skype or facebook (although we use them all). And, here at least our friends know where to find us!

That being said, anyone who is tired of us can always un-follow us, but we hope you'll keep with us. We love your feedback, friendship and support.

Ok. Here is where we are now.

Laura is getting ready to run the Rochester marathon, and I am running for fun and planning on running the Trieste marathon in May (any takers? Michael B is in. Anyone else??). I have been running more often but less far and enjoying it, especially since the weather has cooled off. I have also started another blog about my life in Trieste. It's pretty naked still.

I intend to send Laura, Michael Limaruss and all the others my best running vibes for this weekend, and help them through their post marathon depression starting Monday. This, as you know, means that we will have to find another marathon to start training for.

To summarize:
We have made some great friends over the course of this blog. We reunited with a bunch of people we hadn't been in touch with in 18 years. We learned about eating, runner's high, runner's depression, and running barefoot from experts, friends, and each other. It's time to write again. You keep reading and we'll keep running.


  1. ahhhhh- and you are back. I missed you! Can't wait to see what we decide to do next.

  2. excellent. looking forward to starting my mornings checking in here.

  3. Trieste HALF MARATHON. In May. You know it. Me and you. :)

  4. Un-follow you? who in the heck would ever want to do that? pfft! Ladies, I'm SOOOOOOOO happy to have you back in blog land.

    Where's that Trieste blog Kari?