Monday, September 28, 2009

A. j.k.l.. Challenge

I hesitate to start this trend in our blogging, I hesitate because I get tired of reading others in their 'woe-is-me' 'I'm so fat' 'feel bad for me' blogging. Truth is, IT GETS OLD, FAST!!!! But, here's the deal: almost a year has passed since my blogging partner, Kari, and I happened upon our sista in blog-land, Jewelz. To put it quite bluntly, there has been a love-affair between our two blogs for quite some time now. For those of you who believe in love-at-first-sight - you understand. Our love for eachother is unconditional. The three of us leaned on Atalanta during our Paris Marathon training - because we all needed the experience that she could shine down upon us. We were marathoning virgins, and required all the mojo we could muster from eachother and from our revered Goddess, Atalanta. So, whatever she told us to do - we did it, without question.

Atalanta has visited the three of us, inidvidually, in the past three weeks and offered each of us a swift kick in the ass. She has said the same thing - too much of a good thing is not always a good thing, ladies. You are all losing those figures that you worked so hard to achieve in April. Don't get me wrong, femmes, you still look ROCKIN HOT, but you three need to pull it together and focus.

As usual, when Atalanta yells at us, we snap to attention. We are starting the Atalanta Jewelz Kari Laura Challenge. (get it? A. j.k.l. challenge).  We aren't really racing eachother to a weight goal, or exercise goal, etc.... we are simply blogging in solidarity to reach our individual goals. You see, if there is one thing we learned from training for Paris, it was that the three of us are unbeatable alone and INVINCEABLE together.

So, here are my goals: (and I plan to keep you all notified of my sucesses and failures)
  1. drop 12 lbs. (through simple modifications to diet and exercise)
  2. run 15 miles a week (minimum)
  3. weight train twice a week (minimum)
  4. support my femmes in their road to reach their goals
  5. blog it ALL
I am going to buy myself a running necklace like this one when I reach my goals. I really want it specialized for the Paris Marathon with my femmes' initials and an apple on them..... still working on the details (but I think I will have to order THREE!)

Here's how I fared this weekend:

The most delish lentil - chicken soup!

Greek Vegetarian Apetizer Sampler
(hummus, Baba, Tabouleh)

That's a great start toward those goals!

AND - I've added the Hangover Half-Marathon in Albany, New York to my future plans (January 1, 2010).  I believe that I have talked LimaRuss, Judi, Sue, MaryKaren, and my father in law to partake. There may be a few more from my work, too. It's going to be an EVENT! I can't wait. Hey Ms. Fool, how about you take the train to Albany for New Years and join in on the fun??????


  1. I am drooling over that Greek vegetarian platter. Me lovies! Looking good thus far, Sista. Mas updates from my end coming soon!

  2. p.s. I'm usually in the Caribbean around NYE so the Hangover Run might not happen for moi. However I'm usually drunk everyday I'm there and I still have to run so technically, I'll be at that race.