Thursday, September 17, 2009

The MarathonMarathon (part 1)

I have spent the better part of the past year training for a marathon. At first, it was training for Paris in April, then quickly became training for Rochester in September. I like having a goal - it keeps my life on track. The funny thing about this marathon was that I probably wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for the many people who actullay took the bait when I said "hey, why don't you do Rochester?" Michael from California, Russ from Lima (New York), Cliff (a friend from high school), Judi (friend of Russ' and now friend of mine) and Jennifer (another friend from high school.) And these are just the people who I feel like I had a direct connection to their decision to register for the marathon. This doesn't include, well, Paul and Derrick (who I will get to later in the story - stick around for that one, 'cause it's good.) So - needless to say, the marathon weekend in Rochester was shaping up to be a MarathonMarathon to never forget!

Thursday night arrived without much fanfare, I had just come from an open-house for my youngest son's pre-kindergarten.  9:30 was approaching and I was heading to Buffalo International Airport to fetch, and meet for the first time, Michael. The plan had long been established that Michael (our blogging friend from California) was going to come to Rochester to complete his 10th marathon in as many months on his journey to complete 12 marathons in 12 months. (ok, if you think that is crazy imagine that it was actually his 29th marathon in roughly 7 years!!!)  On with the story. I had planned to loan him our car, which meant I needed to borrow the truck from my mother, which meant she needed to get it to the park-n-ride before I left for Buffalo, which meant I needed to meet her at the park-n-ride and take her back to her house before I headed to Buffalo to pick up Michael....... the ordeal!!! But worth the effort.

So, Michael arrived and we had a great conversation on the 45 minute drive back to LeRoy, where he would drop me off and head to Rochester, where his hotel was.  He pulled away and I just thought how small the world had become through all this marathoning hullabaloo! I had already met Ms. Fool and Minken in Paris, and now I was meeting my 3rd marathoning blogger - on my home turf. Just the coolest thing.

I had to work on Friday, which left Michael to drive the marathon route and explore what little there is to explore in Rochester. Together, we went to Marathon Expo (quite possibly the largest let-down of the entire weekend!) Michael confirmed what I had suspected, this Marathon Expo was the smallest he had ever seen.  None-the-less, I grabbed my bib, registration packet, drop bag (which I didn't need) and purchased some Cliff Blocks to get me through Sunday's race.  We probably didn't even need to put money in the meter, because I think we were in and out in all of 10 minutes.  (sob, I sooooo wanted to check out the new gear - but alas, there was none.)

With an hour and a half to kill before our rendevous with the other runners, I decided to take Michael on a tour of Rochester and the environs.  I will confess that I have never done this before, and am almost ashamed to admit, but I took Michael to Wegman's Mega Store. I dare say that MegaWegs was the highlight of his day - (it is a pretty impressive grocery store.)  As we were walking into Wegman's, I actually turned to him and said "I can't believe I'm actually highlighting a grocery store as a MUST-SEE in Rochester." (It is a cool store, though. You all should come to Rochester to visit it.)
(photo by Russ - actually by our waitress)
Early on in our preparation for this visit, Michael expressed a firm interest in eating at the Dinosaur Barbeque, so, who were we to deny the out-of-towner his only request. 6:30 had arrived and the half and full marathoners and corresponding support teams were arriving at the sacred biker bar. The beer was flowing and the conversation was outstanding. The food was, well...... the food was amazing. I have eaten at the DinoBBQ several times and have been OKAY with my food choices, but this time I hit a homerun with the Ribs and New England Clam Chower HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!!! Delish! Michael wanted to make sure he had every opportunity to taste a decent selection of the menu, so he ordered what I would call "the largest sampler platter in the establishment." Between the several beers and the food in front of him, I'd say the Dinosaur BBQ was a hit. (let's see -  Jennifer, LimaRuss, Meslissa, Judi, Mark, Justin, Michael and Me. All together we put away a lot of BBQ.)

OK - so, I'm going to post this now, but understand that I've only covered days one and two of the five day marathon-marathon. SO - up next? LeRoy, New York (home of Jell-o)


  1. Looking forward to hearing the tales of the Rochester marathon! When you finish up those, I'd love to hear your thoughts on comedian Eddie Izzard running 43 marathons in seven weeks for charity:

    I can't believe that's humanly possible, but I've never run a marathon!

  2. so Laura....we could have picked up Michael at the airport...........:)

  3. Ah, I heard of this Wegmans but it's too far from my house...and I don't really cook so no need to stock up the refrigerator lol