Friday, September 18, 2009

The MarathonMarathon (part 2)

The day before a marathon can be a bit tricky. You don't really want to sit around all day, but you don't want to go exherting a whole lot of energy, either. With Michael in town, there were things that I wanted to show him, but didn't want to spend too much time or energy walking around or climbing stairs. Our first stop was to the Jell-o museum in my hometown. As it turns out, it is a fairly big deal - for several reasons - (1) Jell-o was founded in my hometown, (2) the museum brings thousands of people to our small town every year, and (3) the curator/creator of this museum is my mother. It is one of her many claims to fame. So, we toured the museum, bought the t-shirt, said our oos and ahhhs and headed off to my mom's house to share my love of horses with Michael. I quickly harnessed Beaman up and gave a quick ride to anyone who was interested. Lastly, we headed to Letchworth State Park to basically drive through a nice section of the state and view a few waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

On the way home, I had a lengthy conversation with my travel partner about how I just don't get the whole "numbers" stuff about marathoning. I don't understand, nor do I have much of an interest in making connections between my O2 rate, beats per minutes, elevation, pace......etc. As fate would have it, upon returning home, my husband presented me with a brand new Garmin 305 - thus - I have a feeling I am going to quickly eat my words and become adicted to numbers (just predicting, based on my personality.) In any case, a really cool way to end a really cool day. 

Last minute logistics were worked out for race day and we were off to a restful evening.

Up next????? The running of the Marathon

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  1. Your mom is the creator/curator of the Jell-o museum?? How come you never told me?? That's sooooo cool!