Sunday, September 6, 2009

We have decided that we are destined to BLOG!!

In short - Kari and I have been busier than one-legged-women in ass-kicking competitions (*good visual, right???) SOOOOOOO ---- we are back. I am hitting my taper for my 2nd marathon, which is next Sunday. I forgot how much I love the taper. (although, at times, my training this time has been much like taper....hmmmm.) So, our blogging friend, Michael, is scheduled to arrive in Rochester on Thursday to run the Rochester Marathon with me - can't wait to meet the man behind the mile 17 Mars bar!!!! I have also dragged several others along with me (LimaRuss, his Lima gang (Judi and the like), Jennifer Connor Martin and Cliff Harford (high school friends), Paul (ironman friend), wish upon wish that Ms. Fool and Kari could join in on the fun, but alas - that reunion will be saved for another adventure.

So - as soon as I can figure out why Kari is blocked from administrative rights, she will be back......WE'RE BACK, darn it all!!!!!!!


  1. Go easy on us, Michael. We know we've been slacking (and there is just NO GOOD EXCUSE.) With that being said, bring on Rochester!

  2. Amen Michael....took the words right from my fingas! Allez Ladies and Men.....Get you arses movin and show Atalanta whose runnin now!