Monday, October 19, 2009

Everything is A-OK!

In spite of a couple of relapses (wine yesterday, chocolate today) I am feeling great! I'm getting a lot of miles in becase I'm running to work as much as possible, and the fact that I'm doing shorter distances means that I actually look forward to running because I know that I will be done in about 30-45 minutes (rather than, say, 3 or 4 hours...). I sometimes double up so I can get 60 minutes in a day. This recipe seems to work for me. Since we started our challenge I have lost about 2-3 kilos (depends on when you ask me: morning, afternoon, before run, or after...) and am pretty committed to staying on track.

The other nice thing about the 30-45 minute run is that I have not fallen prey to the FLU (Poor Sweetie has...). Studies show that if you run more than 45 minutes, you lose that protection (although the natural anti-inflammatories kick in at that point, which can be helpful for the long runs. Check this out. I think it's old news for a lot of runners, but whatever). This makes me think of Laura's rip-roaring colds that she got before BOTH marathons. Hmmm. Maybe peppering the marathon training with short runs could help?

Anyway, waiting for an update from the other challenge participants. Although, Ms. Fool seems to have an unfair advantage because, although she has a weakness for red velvet cupcakes, she is at the tail end of her NY marathon prep and getting in some seriously long runs (and placed 3rd in her last 10K!!)!

Laura, give us an update, girl!

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