Monday, October 19, 2009


I am sorry, I have been avoiding you all like the H1N1 virus. I haven't even peeked at my bloggers and bloggistas in the past week or so- not once. If many of you weren't on facebook, I wouldn't know about your tapers, your prs, your 10k placings, your no-nos, etc... If you weren't on gmail chat or skype, I would be blissfully unaware of your haircuts, your arrivals and departures, your treadmills and pilates machines..... BUT, alas, I couldn't stay away - NOT ONE MORE MOMENT.  At first I peeked at my dashboard to see what was new, then (in typical Laura fashion) I had to start commenting on everything. So, I am now shamed into admiting that I have been avoiding the blog (and knew I was doing it.)

1 - I didn't want to run at all (so I didn't.)
2 - I need a new goal (shocker of the century - been there done that.)
3 - despite my attempts to drop my jkl challenge 15  - it's just not coming off.

Good news - I'm back on the wagon. I am a runner (thank you MichaelB and the rest for the support.) I am going to prescribe to the same philosohpy that Kari is - run short, fast, fun runs that are over as fast as they start. I need to keep the imune system healthy and if that is what will do it - so be it. So, the good news is that my favorite running weather has returned - thank god the hot summer weather has departed and the beautiful fall has arrived. I'm testing the garmin each day with my short runs - this sucker has a lot of options! (note to self, that should be my next post.)

Alright - I'm off to shower and hit the hay. I have finally come to admit that I need a lot more sleep than I have been allowing myself. I am up at the crack of dawn (5am or before) so I must be in bed before 9pm if I am to get a good night rest. Cheers to all (and good work on all the running you've been doing. I'm proud of you all)


  1. hey...this stuff's in your blood now. you're not gonna shake it. welcome home.

  2. That's why we surround ourselves with other runners - motivation is like H1N1, you can avoid it for a while, but when you're in a group, it's bound to get you!