Friday, October 30, 2009

Now I know how Laura was feeling that day!

I've gotten hardly any running in these last two weeks. And the result is: grumpiness, depression-like symptoms (especially earlier this week... awful!), and mid-section fluffiness... This morning, while still all warm in bed, I was like "As soon as I get up I am going to run like 20 miles to make up for all of this laziness, get my blood flowing again..." etc. It didn't happen (I don't think my legs could do it at this point), of course, but I did get out there.

I may not have gone at all, but I decided to use my dog, Luna, as the perfect excuse to both run, and go less far.  We went on her favorite 3-miler. I wore my Vibram 5 fingers and almost had the experience of feeling other peoples' dog poop squish between my toes about 5 times! Ewwww. The shoes themselves feel great, especially going up hills because they're so light.

I guess that until I feel like running for running's sake, I'm going to have to do it this way: make it about something else. Commuting on foot is another way to fool myself into running (a lot of my running over the last few weeks has been to go to appointments and meetings).

Man, I need to get the endorphins rolling again. Advice?

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