Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Channeling my inner Ultra Marathon Diva

I'm not quite done with Born to Run yet, but, like I said earlier, it's helping me overcome some psychological limits. More than that, it's making me feel like a downright ultramarathoner (I'm not... unless you count 3-mile runs as ultra training). So, feeling all long-distancy, today I went back to   reading my favorite ultra girl 's blog to see what she's up to (running for long periods of time and very far). One of her inspirational quotes caught my eye (she puts one in there every day)-- something about how life is a novel and every day you get the chance to write a new page. Well. I'm not an inspirational quotes kind of girl. But this one made me get my running shoes on, grab a plastic poop bag, the leash, and the hound. I didn't expect to run today since I ran twice yesterday, but I was feeling good and thought that maybe Luna would appreciate a little run. And, after all, today IS another day.

That's part of my new approach to running. Get out there if you feel like it. BTW it's paying off. I'm only 2 kilos away from Paris Marathon weight. ROCK ON!


  1. i am guessing luna is a very happy girl. sounds like you're actually having fun! i think that's a good thing, right??

  2. whoa now, Ms. Thang. Looks like you're winning the challenge. Ready for your necklace?