Thursday, November 26, 2009

For This We Give Thanks

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to the ROAD TO PARIS MARATHON PROJECT benefitting the ROTARY FOUNDATION POLIOPLUS FOUNDATION. With the help of lots of people, we were able to raise over $5,000 (an accurate count is impossible, unfortuneately, as not all funds came directly through us, but went instead directly to Rotary District 7120 in our name).  These funds, however, were matched in order to help district 7120 reach their goal of raising $100,000 to go towards the $100 million challenge grant by the Gates foundation. So the little sum we worked so hard to raise, when all is said and done, will become $20,000 to help eradicate polio. Awesome.

Ed, Keb, Beck, Bep, Kris, Calsma, Jenn, Minken, Bad Hippie, Jennifer S., Mag, Nenetta, Archaobrain, Baby's Mama, Kim, Gapanz, Aloha Rob, Lucky Begonia, QueenB, rUntoNaAste, Rachel, Beemoosie, KIC,  A Girl Running, Justin, Fabia, Derec, Tom C., Roberto S., Em, Bowerm, Cami C.,  Judester, TP, Tamara, LimaRuss, Bonster, the folks at Rotary International in Evanston, and the others who read but don't comment  - we know you are out there- and you are all over the world. Thank you.

You helped us invent long routes, came with us on bikes or ran with us, took pictures, gave us food, kept us going with your support. Thank you.

Trieste: Marko, Marzio, Trieste Fiamma running team, Luna, Cristian, Bavisela Saturday morning gang.
LeRoy: Heather and Dan (oranges and water), Steven, Jill, Julie, Lauren, Anika, Byron-Bergen-Elba Track team.

Atalanta - you provided us the motivation day-in-and-day-out to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We slayed 'em thanks to you.
You kept the famous "wall" away from us. Thank you!
Christine "Pooky" "Queen B" Turnberg Volinsky
Jelly-Belly Sports Beans

Thank you for your advice and support throughout training, the marathon, and beyond. You are our virtual running club. How would we have made it without you?
Michael B.
Ms. Fool
A girl running
Bad Hippie

Thank you everyone!
Rotary Club Monfalcone-Grado, special thanks to Roberto, Lima Rotary Club, LeRoy Rotary Club - special thanks Loren Wetzel, Rochester Rotary Club, Caledonia Rotary Club, District 7120 and Foundation - Governor Michael Leone, Busy Beaver Buttons, Elba Central School Charity Dodgeball Tournament, Cookie-Lee Jewelry, Elks Club of Webster, Lady Elks of Webster, Rotary Exchange Students in Belgium 1990-91.

CONTRIBUTORS: (in no order - and we are sorry if we have left anyone off - truly!!!)
Glen and Mary Adams, Nancy and Bruce Baker, Lynne Belluscio, Larry and Sherye Boylan, Ken and Linda Capwell, David and Marny Cleere, Frand and Martha Davis, Brian and Kris DeWaters, Carol and David Frost, Chris and Tammy Gamble, Bill and Sandi Haggett, Bob and Katrina Hatch, Keb and Steve Mayer, Bill and Sue Remley, John and Cathy Skivington, Janet and Loren Wetzel, Vicki Shrontz, Brian and Kris DeWaters, Don and Bonnie Williams, Mike Cintorino, Heather and Dan Cote, Paul and Betty Lou Tilly, Joe and Sylvia Schepisi, Malchoff family, Preston Pierce, Harry Blaeser, Hant and Nancy Ralston, Tom and MaryLou Coene, Jim and Jane Holden, Mahandra Shah, Mr. and Mrs. William Pethick, Val and Greg Connor, Amy Connor Stivers, Dan and Susan Roczyka, Lisa and Steve Reese, The Teorema gang, esp. Apo, the Sistemisti and the Developers, Catia, Flavia, Grazia, Fabia, Daria, Vico etc  .... and numerous people who donated by purchasing a shirt or by donating anonymously.

Travel and Lodging: Don and Bonnie, Valérie
Logistics: Joshua, Nikolai, Valérie
Pacers: Christine, Giorgia, Marco (and the Beaujolais Wine Cart)
Escorts to start line: Justin and Cristian
Fans: bands along the way, cute Parisian police/firemen
Morale/advice: Minken & Jewelz
Eiffel Tower pique-nique: Meghan, Renee, and Renate
After party: Joshua, Christine

We are grateful to all of you for your love and support. We are thankful for our reunion after 18 years, for the opportunity to give back, for running, and blogging.


  1. Gosh, I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to be a part of the running community and physically be able to take part in something like running a marathon with so many of my frieds and family in tow (even if it is virtually.)

  2. I've been meaning to stop by and say hi for the longest time, and just finally got around to it.
    I hope both of you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

    (and you're FINALLY in my reader too, so I'll be back :))

  3. Oh ladies, sorry for the late Thanksgiving Day but I just rose from my gluttonous coma.. You femmes are the best thing that ever happened the the running and blog community...and to this here Fool :) I give thanks to Google and the Paris Marathon for connecting us.