Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - the year that changed me! Bring on 2010

As Kari and my story began a long time ago with a year in Belgium (which I continue to say was the most formative year of my entire life) it came back together with the intense training for our first marathon. I am so happy to say that the goal of running that marathon only sparked one of the most amazing series of events - events that unfolded very quickly this year.

Kari and I had barely started our training for the Paris Marathon a year ago today. As I recall, I was still very early in my training - so early that I was still barely able to tell people with a convincing face that I was in fact training for, and planning to complete, the Paris Marathon in April. With many hours staring into the screen of a treadmill, I spent a large majority of the first three months of 2009 imagining (with unbelievable clarity) the start at the Arc de Triumph, the run through the city, the finish with my friend Kari. I can't believe that we actually did it - (and I am even more shocked that I decided to run another marathon 6 months later.)

I am so thankful, and quite shocked, at the circle of friends that we have made as a direct result of this blog and our training. You all know who you are and the roles you have played in this fantastic year!

Soo- Goals for 2010????

1 - If this is going to be a year of running (as I have stated in earlier posts) then it is only fitting that I will be starting the year with a half marathon in one of the coldest parts of the country with my father-in-law and my friend MaryKaren. I plan on bringing in the year at a run - a slow run - but a run none-the-less. 

2 - I am going to run a race in every month of the year (be it 5k, 10k, 15k, half, or full) IT WILL BE DONE!

3 - I am going to take much of the material gained from the book Born to Run (complete book review to follow) and hold it close. Hubby and I will be starting the year with a month-long trial run at vegetarianism. (much like Ms. Fool stated) This will be very much a trial. I need to be leaner and meaner if I am going to run run run like I want to. It is worth a try and the arguments are compelling. I will blog it all.
I hear you about being leaner and meaner in 2010. I'm with you on that one. -Kari

4 - I am going to run 2010km in 2010 - you do the math, it's a reasonable goal.
I did the math. It's exactly 1248.95 miles. -Kari

5 - I am going to make this year of running one that embraces the social element of the running community. - Jenn, LimaRuss, Judi, Melissa, MaryKaren, Krista, Jewelz, Kari, and anyone who wants to join in - let's run together. Finishing time is not important to me - let's run 'em together!

6 - I want to be as good of a cheerleader for all of my running pals as they have been for me. Let me know the details of all of your races - if I can't be there, I'll blog my support - (ask Minken and Michael, I send one hell of a gift package)    You'll feel Atalanta's strength.

6 - This was started as a team blog and it will continue to be a team blog. I will continue to train for whatever races that my partner is going to run - heck, I may even go for a 26.2 run on the day of her marathon - JUST BECAUSE THAT'S HOW WE DO THINGS HERE.
You said it, Partner! I'm with you, too. I'm doing my hangover half-marathon a day late, though. Forgive me.

Is there anyone out there who wants to join our team???? JUST SAY YES!!!!

Here is hoping that you all have a 2010 like my 2009 - it was amazing (thanks to all of you!)
Ditto on that! Happy New Year! -Kari


  1. I love your team aspect - very motivating! Can't wait to hear all about 2010 (and now you have me thinking about that 2010kms).

  2. My favorite duo, what a year! Did Paris seriously happen? Yes, yes it did and now we're freaking running addicts. Cheers to the both of ya and I am so blessed to have met you two.

    Like our training for Paris, I'm going to be here with you ladies every step of the way! Your goals are all attainable and I'm head and head with ya on the vegetarianism trial [I survived day 1 woo-hoo. And please share recipes]. Cheers to 2010 ma cheries. xoxo

  3. Ok Gals...
    I am 16 weeks into this pregnancy but 2010 will also hold my ROAD to POST BIRTH BODY RECOVERY.... So I vow that as soon as I can (likely this fall) I will get my running shoes back on and will attempt to at least run a half before the end of the year. As for now I am powerwalking and jealous. I miss both of you terribly and hope that in 2011 I can join the two of you for 26.2!

  4. This is one of my favorite reply pages of our entire blog. RunningLaur - our new blogging friend (love your blog and so glad we are all synched up)

    Ms Fool- 'nuf said (we love you, too)

    TAMARA - you deserve a post all on your own. More to follow (you made my day posting on our blog)

  5. I'm with you Laura, this page is the cat's ass. Thanks girls, for being present! Tamara, keep power walking and keep us up to date. I thought the 2010k's was nutz at first but now I'm starting to consider it (thanks RunningLaur=. What do you ladies think (rUntoNamAste)? I'm in if you're in.